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A clean and tidy home is something to be proud of, but it can be difficult to reach those high or very low places in the home, whilst the grips on some cleaning utensils are not always the easiest to use. Our range of household cleaning aids is specially designed to help anyone with limited dexterity or those with a disability. 

Whether you need an extending broom to help clean those hard to reach places without bending, or grip aids to help you turn the tap on, we have a solution to your cleaning difficulties. You’ll also love our range of OXO good grip items, providing you with easy-to-hold cleaning utensils which are unrivalled by standard products on the market.

Disposable Aprons - Pack Of 200

£7.99 inc VAT

Moisturising Antibacterial Hand Gel - 500ml

£7.00 inc VAT

Soft Natural Vinyl Powder Free Gloves - 100

£5.99 inc VAT

Grout Brush

£5.99 inc VAT

Bathtub Drain Protector

£6.00 inc VAT

Compact Toilet Brush & Canister

£15.99 inc VAT

Stainless Steel Squeegee

£11.99 inc VAT

Long Reach Dusting System

£38.99 inc VAT

Microfiber Hand Duster

£10.99 inc VAT

Kitchen Appliance Cleaning Set

£8.50 inc VAT

Soap Dispensing Dish Brush

£5.99 inc VAT

Pull-Out Cupboard Storage Bin

£17.99 inc VAT

Purell Hand Sanitiser

£4.98 inc VAT

Cloth Press

£34.99 inc VAT

Tuffie Wipes

£10.00 inc VAT

Clinell Antibacterial Wipes

£8.99 inc VAT

Blue Polythene Aprons

£5.99 inc VAT

Surgical Face Mask

£5.99 inc VAT

Purell Personal Hand Sanitiser

£7.00 inc VAT

Moisturising Antibacterial Hand Wash - 500ml / 5L

£5.99 inc VAT

Our range of cleaning products includes...

Antibacterial hand wipes and gels, which are ideal to use around the home, at the work place, or in a clinical environment. Everyday cleaning items for the home, such as our excellent OXO range, which also look stylish and are easy to use.

Click here to browse our range of disability aids for the kitchen. Alternatively, you may find more help with our other Daily Living Aids.

For more independence with cleaning in your home, we recommend a number of mobility aids to suit your need.