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Blanket / Bed Cradles

Blanket / bed cradles are mobility aids specifically designed to keep sheets, blankets, duvets and other bedding away from your body without compromising on warmth, or comfort.

A blanket / bed cradle features a lightweight, but sturdy frame that is designed to raise duvets and covers away from your legs, or body. These mobility aids can help to reduce irritation and overheating, as well as improving circulation and airflow around your skin.

Blanket / bed cradles are ideal for people who may be at high risk of developing pressure sores, or those with existing skin problems, sores, or wounds, or painful limbs that need to heal.

The Ability Superstore range of blanket / bed cradles features both adjustable and folding options in white, or chrome, to suit your needs and your home decor.

How Cradles Work

The innovative design of the blanket / bed cradle creates a makeshift bridge over your lower limbs on which the blanket, sheet, or duvet rests. This helps to keep in maximum warmth whilst keeping the covers raised and away from your skin. The blanket / bed cradle takes the weight of the duvet, or bed covers to prevent chafing, irritation, or pain and discomfort from the pressure of the bedding. Blanket / bed cradles support skin health and healing without sacrificing warmth and comfort in bed.

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