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What Are Bath Boards, Bath Seats & Shower Boards?

Bath boards are popular bathroom aids providing a strong and safe platform to help you to transfer into and out of the bath. Shower boards are very similar to bath ones however, they tend to be deeper in size, allowing you to remain seated on the board itself and to take a shower whilst sitting above the bathtub. This is ideal where there is a shower over a bath, and when someone struggles to raise and lower themselves into the bath. Bath seats are designed to fit into the actual bathtub, providing a safe platform to either sit when bathing or as a step for lowering into the bathtub. 

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What Our Team Say About Bath Boards, Bath Seats And Shower Boards

Our dedicated team have spent many years working in the mobility aids and daily living products sector. They are very knowledgeable about the products we sell. They work with Kate Makin, our Occupational Therapist, to ensure that they provide the best advice when it comes to information about our thousands of mobility aid products.

So, What Exactly Are These Mobility Aids?

Both bath and shower boards are designed to sit securely across the bath, from side to side. It is important to ensure that the bathing aid can be adjusted to clamp to each side of the bath, thereby preventing movement when in use. Many boards are adjustable in width, which makes them ideal when you do not own a standard-size bath.

Bath seats are placed inside the actual bathtub and usually have four suction cups to secure them safely to the base of the bath. They act as a seat within the bath and can be used to sit on whilst bathing or as a stepping platform down into the bath. They are easily removed when not in use, by lifting the tab on each suction cup to allow for others to use the bath or for cleaning.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Bath Seat, A Shower Board Or Bath Board?

A board allows you to transfer into and out of the bath safely and with support. 

Many boards are slatted in style to allow the water to quickly drain back into the bathtub below. A few are more solid (i.e. not slatted) however, these tend to have drainage holes to allow the water to drain into the bath.

Bath boards (including slatted versions) and shower boards usually have a recommended user weight limit, so it is wise to watch out for that when selecting which one to purchase.

These bath mobility aids are frequently used together with a bath seat which allows a 'step' down into the water, so shuffling in stages from the board down to the seat and then the water.  

Both boards are easy to install with brackets which lock it into position on each side of the bathtub.

What Types Do You Offer?  

As mentioned previously, both types of boards are available in different widths to fit different size bathtubs. Some are also width adjustable, which allows one board to fit different bathtub sizes. It is important that the bath board or shower board is fixed securely to prevent movement when in use.

Many of these bathing aids come with optional grab handles. These grab handles offer additional support and are particularly useful if the person using the aid requires a little extra help.

Bath seats come in a range of different heights which allows you to choose the height which is right for you. 

Is There Anything Specific To Look Out For?

Firstly, do measure your bath. It's important that the bath board, shower board or bath seat fits correctly. Then think about whether you would like a slatted or solid surface. Many people find a solid surface more comfortable to sit on for longer periods whilst bathing. Also, when choosing a board, consider whether you would like an integral handle to provide further support. 

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