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What Are Bath & Shower Mats, Cushions & Pillows?

Our range of mats for the bathroom are designed to provide a steady footing and give you total confidence and security when you step into, or out of a bath, or shower. Bath cushions are cushions which sit in the base, or on the side of the bathtub, providing comfort whilst bathing, and bath pillows are waterproof pillows designed to provide a soft and comfortable place to put your head when enjoying a relaxing soak.

What Our Team Say About Bath And Shower Mats, Bath Cushions And Bath Pillows

Our dedicated team have spent many years working in the mobility aids and daily living products sector. They are very knowledgeable about the products we sell. They work with Kate Makin, our Occupational Therapist, to ensure that they provide the best advice when it comes to information about our thousands of mobility aid products.

What Is The Benefit Of A Bath Or Shower Mat?

Bath and shower mats help keep your bathing and showering experiences safe. When you step into, or out of a bath, or shower, you want to be sure of a safe footing, and our vast range of bath and shower mats ensure that you won’t slip. Often, the base of a bathtub or a shower cubicle is smooth and shiny and, when wet, can be very slippery underfoot. Bath and shower mats sit on this surface and provide a textured, less slippery surface providing safety whilst showering or bathing, as well as when you get into and out of the bath or shower.

Is A Bath Mat Or Shower Mat Suitable For Me?

Mats designed specifically for use in the bath or shower are suitable for most people and are particularly good for children and older adults who may be slightly unsteady on their feet. They provide a secure surface to stand, or sit on.

Is There Anything Specific To Look Out For?

Firstly, consider the size of the bath or shower you wish to place the mat in. There’s a wide choice of sizes and it’s important that the mat fits correctly. If it is too big, it could cause a trip hazard, so do make sure it fits.

Non slip mats for the shower come in rectangular, square and quadrant (for a corner shower) shapes. The majority of bath mats and shower mats have suckers on the underside. These suckers stick to the base of the bathtub or shower cubicle and help to ensure that the mat does not move. However, the mat is still easy to remove for cleaning.

The majority of non-slip mats designed for the bathroom are made from rubber and some are slightly padded to provide a comfortable, cushioned base underfoot. Our range even includes a bath mat with an integral pillow for the ultimate in comfort when bathing and a couple, within our range, even include an anti-microbial coating which is anti-mildew and helps to prevent bacterial and fungal growth, with many being able to be machine washed at 40 degrees.

As an alternative to an actual mat, you may choose anti slip strips which are stuck to the bath permanently. These are available as either strips or circles. To adhere correctly to a bath or shower base, the surface must be totally clean and dry. These anti slip adhesive shapes provide a good, economical and permanent solution.

What Exactly Is A Bath Cushion?

Bath cushions usually secure to the bath with simple suction cups, which prevent this useful mobility aid from floating away whilst in use. They can be easily removed when cleaning the bathtub and when drying the cushion. In order to provide the cushioning support in the bath, a bath cushion is either padded (for example, sealed foam) or inflatable.

What Is The benefit Of A Bath Cushion?

We are frequently asked for an item which will provide more comfort in the bath with customers often stating that they find the base of the bathtub too uncomfortable to stay sitting on for any length of time. In order to truly enjoy a real soak in the bath, a bath cushion enables you to lie back and relax whilst bathing without the worry of slipping forwards or finding the base of the bath too uncomfortable – particularly true if you have a bony bottom with little padding!

Is A Bath Cushion Suitable For Me?

Bath cushions are suitable for most people, but are particularly useful for those who find that they have a bony bottom area with little padding, or those who simply find a hard bath tub simply too uncomfortable when having a relaxing long soak. We provide a range of bath cushions which offer support to the bottom, neck/head and back.

All our cushions designed for use in the bath are easy to install and use and simple to remove when cleaning the bath. Our range includes an inflatable cushion, too, which is handy, as you can inflate it to the level you require for your own comfort whilst bathing.

Is There Anything Specific To Look Out For?

Think about the area you really want to support. Is it the bottom, the back, the neck, or the head? Some bath mats come complete with an integral bath pillow or cushion and are ideal to support all of these areas. Don’t forget to measure your bath before choosing a bath cushion, to be sure that it will fit easily.

What Exactly Is A Bath Pillow?

A bath pillow is exactly what it says – a waterproof pillow designed for use in the bath! If you enjoy a long soak then a bath pillow is ideal for you.

What Is The Benefit Of A Bath Pillow?

A bath pillow provides you with head and neck support whilst bathing. They are particularly useful if you enjoy a long soak and don’t want to lay back on the hard surface of the bathtub.

Is A Bath Pillow Suitable For Me?

A bath pillow is suitable for most people, providing comfort and support to the neck and back area.

Is There Anything Specific To Look Out For?

Do check on the size of the pillow before deciding to ensure that it will securely fit to the back of your bath tub. The majority of pillows designed for use in the bath, attach to the bath with a series of suckers on the reverse side. This allows the pillow to be secured in place and for it to be removed for cleaning. Some pillows are inflatable in style, which allows them to be inflated to the correct density required.

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