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Walking Mobility Aids for Christmas

Posted by Mike Phipps on November 16, 2021

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There are lots of different walking aids and they’re all designed to make life easier by offering sturdy support when walking. You can choose from rollators and tri walkers, walking sticks and crutches, or Zimmer walking frames and shopping trolleys.

Whichever walking aid you choose will depend on your requirements, your personal preferences and your budget.

Some walking aids are simple, inexpensive and perfect for occasional, or short-term use, whereas others offer additional features and can withstand the rigours of everyday use on all terrains. For help with choosing the right walking aid for you, please see our guides:

How to Buy a Rollator

How To Buy A Walking Zimmer Frame

How to Choose a Walking Stick

The right walking aid can make a significant impact on a person’s life, offering independence, freedom and peace of mind, as well as minimising pain and discomfort and helping to reduce the risk of injury from falls. 

So, as you can see, a walking aid isn’t just for Christmas! However, some walking aids do make fantastic Christmas gifts for a friend, or loved one, or even as a treat for yourself! Here are some walking aids that we think will make great Christmas presents this year.

Classic Canes

A lot of different Classic Canes that are available for sale on the Ability Superstore website

Classic Canes specialise in making beautiful canes that are as stylish as they are practical.

Established in 1982, Classic Canes is a family-run business based in Somerset, England, and they supply a wide variety of exquisitely made canes to over 40 countries worldwide. Here at Ability Superstore, we’re proud to offer a wide selection of Classic Canes and we believe they make a wonderful Christmas gift.

The Classic Canes Gents Beech Derby walking stick

If you look at our collection, it’s clear to see that Classic Canes don’t do boring! Even their most traditional wooden canes have that extra something that makes them stand out from the crowd. For example, this Beech Derby Cane has a simple, yet elegant design, and features a scorched spiral collar.

 3 images of the Classic Canes mentioned in the text

The Classic Canes’ slimline folding fashion canes come in a whole host of patterns, meaning you can match your walking aid to your outfit, or mood! Whether you’re a fan of floral, love animal prints, or you’re dotty about polka dots, there’s something to suit everyone.

We also stock petite canes, non-folding or folding walking sticks, classic crook style versions and specialist Fischer canes with ergonomically designed handles, which are perfect for people living with conditions, such as arthritis.

Classic Canes mobility aids are high-quality walking aids that look great and make a wonderful present for a friend, or family member, whether they want a modern, lightweight option that folds away quickly and easily when not needed, or if they’d prefer something more traditional.

Walking Stick Seats

Various walking stick seats that are available for sale on the Ability Superstore website

Walking Stick Seats are an ideal walking aid choice for anyone wanting the reassurance of knowing they’ll have a comfortable perch, no matter where they are. They’re perfect for shopping trips, or long walks in the countryside. They’re also a popular choice amongst bird watchers and wildlife enthusiasts.

 The red Flipstick

The Flipstick is an incredibly popular walking stick seat option that folds away compactly into its own carry case. It is suitable for both right-handed and left-handed people, is capable of supporting up to 130 kg in weight (20 stones) and is available in a choice of colours including green, blue, red and black. It would make an ideal Christmas gift for anyone who likes to stay active, but appreciates being able to have a rest along the way.


Various Rollators that are available for sale on the Ability Superstore website

Rollators enable a person to continue with the activities they enjoy and to stay independent. Whether it’s a spot of shopping, or going off-road for a walk through the countryside, with the right walking aid, limited mobility doesn’t have to mean limited hobbies and experiences!

The Let's Fly Rollator that is for sale on the Ability Superstore website

The ever-popular four-wheeled Let’s Fly Rollator is an extremely lightweight yet sturdy rollator with in-built suspension, making it easy and comfortable to steer. It comes in four stylish colourways, too – red, graphite, white and champagne.

 The Days Lightweight Purple Three Wheel Walker that's available for sale on the Ability Superstore website

Tri-walkers, or three-wheeled rollators, provide support and confidence when moving around both indoors and outside. The Days Lightweight Three Wheel Walker is an economical, practical and stylish walking aid with lockable brakes and a vinyl bag to hold essential items.

A link to the Carlett Shopping Rollator that's available for sale on the Ability Superstore website

Meanwhile, the Carlett Shopping Rollator offers the best of both worlds, combining a rollator and shopping trolley in one handy walking aid. It benefits from a large shopping bag, a comfortable padded seat and a handy umbrella/walking stick holder, too, and comes in a choice of two colours – grey and black.

Some of the All-terrain Rollators that are for sale on the Ability Superstore website

An all-terrain rollator makes easy work of walking on any surface, from the golf course to the beach and helps to keep people independent.

Many of our rollators include extra features, such as storage baskets, walking stick holders and even seats, providing you with somewhere comfortable to sit and take a rest whilst out and about.

Stocking Fillers

A link to some of the Walking Stick & Crutch Accessories that are available for sale on the Ability Superstore website

From stocking fillers, such as a walking stick strap, or a stylish bag to store a folding cane, we have a range of walking stick and crutch accessories to put into a stocking at Christmas. 

 The Buckingham Caddy and a fine bone china mug

We also have storage bags, baskets and trays to upgrade your rollator, or Zimmer frame accessories, such as this handy caddy with matching Bone China mug

Walking aid bags and accessories are a quick and inexpensive way to customise a mobility aid, so that it fits in with a person’s lifestyle and makes an ideal Christmas gift.

Here to Help

If you need any help choosing a walking aid, whether it’s for yourself, or a loved one, we’re always on hand to help and discuss your options. Here at Ability Superstore, we stock a wide variety of walking aids to suit many different requirements and preferences, so we’re confident we’ll find a solution that meets your needs and will give that special someone a big smile on Christmas morning!

For more information, or advice, call our customer service team free on 0800 255 0498, or email us at Alternatively, you can fill in this short form and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.