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Top 10 Walking Sticks

Posted by Jamie McKay on April 12, 2023

The Top Ten Walking Sticks

Hello everyone! It’s Kate Makin here – Ability Superstore’s Occupational Therapist, or OT. I’m a fan of all sorts of walking aids, such as mobility scooters, walking frames, wheelchairs, walkers and rollators – anything that helps to keep my clients mobile, whether that’s in, or outdoors.

Walking sticks and crutches are products I recommend a lot, as they help to make life a little easier and more comfortable and, most importantly, help to keep people independent. Also, when compared to some of the higher price items like mobility scooters, wheelchairs and rollators, they are great value.

The range of walking sticks and crutches that aids walking also come in a whole array of patterns and colours with many different accessories available, too. So, I am delighted to present to you my – Top 10 Walking Sticks.

10th Position – Folding Walking Stick with Gel Grip Handle with Folding Stick Clip

These stylish, foldable, fully adjustable walking aids feature a gel grip handle to help reduce the stress and fatigue on your hands, that you sometimes find with other walking sticks. These aids fold into four convenient parts for easy storage and transportation.

The handle height can be adjusted in 2.5 cm (1 inch) increments, from 84 to 94 cm (33 to 37 inches).

A picture of the Folding Walking Stick with Gel Grip Handle

These aids come with a supporting string handle for ease of use, as well as a plastic holster carry case for when the walking aid isn’t being used. The Folding Walking Stick with Gel Grip Handle with Folding Stick Clip is ideal for helping you to get around.

9th Position – Classic Canes Slimline Extending Chelsea Cane Peach And Pink Floral

An extremely popular walking aid in the Classic Canes range is the Slimline Extending Chelsea Cane, Peach And Pink Floral, which makes a perfect gift for a loved one. The intricately designed pattern features pretty flowers on a peach and pink background.

 An image of the pink floral classic cane

This mobility aid is a height adjustable walking stick, so it can easily be made taller, or shorter, depending on your height. The handle is contoured to be comfortable to grip and the stick is fitted with a smart brass collar and a non-slip rubber ferrule for added safety. This stick is a great aid for helping you to get around. There’s also plenty of other designs in this range of walking aids to suit your own personal taste.

8th Position – Comfort Grip Adjustable Height Left Handed Walking Stick

For anyone needing some gentle palm support, the Comfort Grip Adjustable Height Left Handed Walking aid is ideal.

The Comfort Grip Adjustable Height Left Handed Walking Stick has been created for left-handed people. The ergonomically-designed handle is comfortable and easy to grip and offers gentle palm support, so it is ideal for people suffering with medical conditions like arthritis. This walking aid is height-adjustable, so you can adjust it so that it’s the perfect height for you. This walking stick also folds compactly when not being used, so it’s great for quick storage and transportation.

An image of the comfort grip adjustable height walking stick

The Comfort Grip Adjustable Height Left Handed Walking Stick benefits from a sturdy, but lightweight design that makes it easy to handle whilst offering a secure and stable support. The rubber ferrule on the bottom of these walking aids improve safety by reducing the risk of slipping and gives you peace of mind and confidence to go about your normal everyday tasks independently.

7th Position – Trulife Coloured Crutches

Contrary to popular belief, crutches don't just come in grey and there’s many types to choose from! For anyone needing good, firm support when moving around the home, this mobility aid certainly delivers.

Crutches are used for a lot of short term medical conditions and the Trulife Coloured Crutches are helpful and essential walking aids. They have been designed in four vibrant colours, allowing crutch users to show of their own sense of style.

An image of the trulife coloured crutches

These daily living aids have a double height, adjustable mechanism at the leg and elbow, that means that these aids can be adjusted so you can find the optimum height for you. Also, comfort is key, so a soft, anatomically shaped handle has been added.

Stability is not an issue with these walking aids, as the ferrules on the feet of the crutch are constructed from a non-slip rubber, so you don’t need to worry about losing your balance.

6th Position – The Adjustable Small Based Quadruped Stick 

The Adjustable Small Based Quadruped Stick is styled as a traditional mobility aid, but with the extra safety of a small quad base that greatly aids walking. 

An image of the Adjustable Small Based Quadruped Stick

A quad provides additional stability, as the wider base enables more points of contact on the ground, providing a much more stable walking experience. And, with a chrome-plated steel base and an anodised aluminium neck, these walking aids are both lightweight yet durable and safe, with a handle that has been specially moulded for comfort in the hand.

5th Position – Hurrycane Free Standing Walking Stick

The HurryCane® Free Standing Walking Stick is a folding cane designed to provide optimum support to anyone with limited mobility and aids any person that may be a little unsteady on their feet.

An image of a blue hurrycane walking stick

These walking aids feature three non-slip feet which give superior balance and traction on a wide range of surfaces and terrains, as the HurryCane has more more contact with the ground. The pivoting 360 degrees head gives stability when moving from a sitting to a standing position and simulates a natural walking motion, allowing you to continue with your everyday tasks in comfort and ease.

Designed in fashionable colours, the HurryCane® mobility aid comes with a stick strap for security, as well as a carry bag, allowing you to easily store and transport your walking aid. These are great aids for walking outdoors on rougher terrain.

4th Position – Fischer Grip Walking Stick

Named after the renowned Austrian, Arthritis Specialist Dr Fischer, this lightweight, yet sturdy anodised aluminium aid features an ergonomically designed handle allowing pressure to be spread evenly across the palm of the hand, which is particularly helpful if you have limited motion in your hand.

An image of a fischer grip walking stick

The Fischer Grip Walking Stick is ideal for those who have difficulty in grasping a conventional shaped handle. The comfortable design can also be beneficial to those with limited mobility and painful hands due to arthritis, or any similar medical conditions.

These mobility aids are suitable for hands of many shapes and sizes and are supplied as either left, or right handed, standard, or folding.

3rd Position – Classic Canes Crowning Glory Coronation Cane

The Crowning Glory Coronation Cane from Classic Canes has been specially designed by Charlotte Gillan for the Coronation of HRH King Charles III.

This walking aid will add a touch of class to any outfit. It is height adjustable and suitable for both men and women.

An image of the crowning glory classic cane walking stick

The cane’s shaft is made from strong, yet lightweight aluminium and can be adjusted so that it is able to be the ideal and perfect height for you.

The non-slip rubber ferrule on the base of these aids means that you have added safety when you’re out and about.

2nd Position – Folding Adjustable Arthritis Fischer Grip Cane

The Folding Adjustable Arthritis Grip Cane comes in six different stylish patterns, making this aid stylish and practical and one you should definitely purchase if you want to add a little fun into your life.

An image of the Folding Adjustable Arthritis Fischer Grip Cane

This walking aid benefits from a comfortable T-shape handle that allows for an easy grip and gentle palm support. This mobility aid also comes with a non-slip, rubber ferrule that lowers the chance of slipping when used.

These mobility aids can be altered to a height that works for you and they can fold down into a compact size that makes these aids ideal for quick, simple storage and transportation, unfolding easily when needed.

There’s also a full range of walking sticks on the website to suit your personal style and a number of accessories that can be purchased separately.

1st Position – Flipstick Folding Walking Stick

The Flipstick Folding Walking Sticks are the ideal mobility aids for taking with you when you’re out and about, as they’ve been cleverly designed to have two purposes – a walking stick, and when a short break is needed, it turns into a seat to perch on.

An image of the flipstick walking stick

When you take these walking aids from their carrying bag, the walking stick unfolds without any hassle, meaning it’s ready and easy to use at a moment’s notice.

The Folding Flipstick comes in four colours.

There are lots of choices when it comes to choosing a walking stick. For the full range of walking sticks click here.


For More Information On Walking Aids

I hope that my Top 10 has been useful. If you do want any further information on any of the products I have mentioned, then feel free to contact the Customer Service Team at Ability Superstore – they have in-depth knowledge on every single quality product they sell from walking sticks and canes to the full range of walking sticks.

Please do get in contact with the Customer Care Team. You can find them on Facebook and Twitter. You can email them at, or call them free on 0800 255 0498. They also have a Contact Us page on the website, where it’s free to send the team a message.