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Independence, Confidence And Style – How Classic Canes Walking Sticks Can Help You Get To Where You Need To Be

Posted by Savana Khallouf on April 23, 2021

A lady wearing a smart, black top. We can see part of her face. She is holding one of the Classic Canes. In the background is a London Black Cab

Independent walking and a great sense of style are things we all strive for – and walking aids have proven invaluable at providing this round the clock. Now, as the warmer weather is approaching and the cold, snowy months are behind us (hopefully!), we can look forward to longer and more beautiful walks on gorgeous sunny afternoons.

Whether you’re meeting friends for a catch-up and a coffee at the local café, or seeing family for a picnic at the park, walking sticks are a daily living aid that can help you confidently get to where you need to be without support from anyone else. 

This excitable feeling should be boosted by your walking stick – and choosing a design that best says YOU will definitely help with that. 


Who Are Classic Canes? 

The Classic Canes logo

Classic Canes is a family run business based in Somerset, England. Classic Canes was created in 1982 and they are renowed for their stylish and elegant, high quality walking sticks. So much so, they now supply walking sticks, and other walking and mobility aids, to over 40 countries across the world. 

As they state on their website, “Retailers who choose Classic Canes as their walking stick wholesaler and supplier can be assured of the very best walking canes and a very knowledgeable level of customer service”. 

This really goes to show that you are in excellent, safe hands when purchasing a Classic Canes’ walking stick from the Ability Superstore website. 

So, let us dive in and take a closer look at some of the styles we’re currently offering. 


Let There Be Colour! 

If you fancy a change from plain colours, or are looking for a new pattern to spice up your look, why not choose from our great selection of coloured walking sticks? 

A walking stick with the cheetah pattern

You could turn heads with a cheetah design, found on the Classic Canes’ Slimline Folding Fashion Petite Cane Cheetah for an eye-catching look.

A walking stick with the polka dot pattern

Or, why not give your walking aid a ‘pop’ of colour with the Classic Canes Fashion Derby Cane Polka Dots design (see what I did there?). 

A walking stick with the snakeskin pattern

Or, if you really want to turn heads, you could go for a funky design, such as the Classic Canes Folding Fashion Derby Cane in Snakeskin. The striking snakeskin pattern in black, grey and white makes for a walking stick that stands out from the crowd. 


Floral Fanatic 

Spring has sprung, and whether you’re a green-fingered gardener proudly staring at your beautiful blooms, or you find yourself in awe of all the fresh flowers, why not give your walking stick the same boost of positivity? 

We have a great selection of stunning floral designs – so you can choose your favourite flower, favourite colour, or both! 

A walking stick with the black floral pattern

The Black Floral Elite Derby Cane is a chic, fashionable option with an elegant design of small pink and blue flowers over a black background. This walking stick really makes a strong statement. With an incredible array of colour, it goes with many, if not all, outfits – perfect for special occasions, or daily use. 

A walking stick with the summer floral pattern

For a lighter option with more colour, the Classic Canes Slimline Folding Petite Cane Summer Floral does just the right job. The elegant floral design over the shaft and handle makes the walking stick a mobility aid that is both stylish and practical.


Special Requests? 

No two people are alike, and neither are two walking sticks. Each walking stick can be height adjusted to best suit your individual requirements, with the handle size being the same on all standard models.  

But if you have petite hands, or are looking for a smaller handle to ensure a better and more secure grip when using your walking stick, why not consider one of the Petite Classic Canes walking aids? 

A walking stick with the cream pattern

The Classic Canes Folding Petite Folding Cane Cane Cream Floral is the perfect combination of classy and fun. It has a breath-taking floral design over the shaft and handle without being overwhelmingly busy – perfect for taking to special occasions, or using it day to day. 

A walking stick – the black orthopaedic one

Or, if you are left-handed and are struggling to find a walking stick with a suitable and comfortable handle, then the Classic Canes Folding Orthopaedic Cane Black Left-Handed may be worth considering. 

This cane retains the timeless look and feel of traditional walking sticks, but with a range of practical, contemporary features and benefits, including having a handle designed specifically for left-hand use. 


Not A Fan Of Florals? 

We understand whilst floral designs are beautiful, they are not for everyone. If you want a walking aid that is a little more laidback, then maybe one of the plaid options in our Classic Canes collection might take your fancy? 

A walking stick with the blue tartan pattern

The Classic Canes Slimline Fashion Derby Cane Blue Tartan is a brilliantly colourful walking stick with a bright blue, classic tartan pattern. 

Here at Ability Superstore, we are proud to be a British made and run company. We are also proud to stock products from similar British-run companies, which is why we take great pride in all our Classic Canes’ Walking Sticks. 

A walking stick with the union jack design

The Classic Canes’ Slimline Folding Derby Cane Union Flag represents this with its head-turning repeated Union Jack, or Union Flag design over the handle and the shaft. This walking aid is ideal for everyday use, or even as a special walking stick for national holidays. 


Back To Basics 

As much as all the popular styles above are fun and eye-catching, you may want to stick to basics and use a plain walking aid. 

Although Classic Canes are renowned for their modern designs, they also state that they “have a walking stick for everyone” – which means you can find lots of perfectly ordinary, beautifully designed classic walking sticks on our website, too. 

A walking stick – the walking stick large one

The Classic Canes’ Slimline Folding Stick Large features a sleek and sophisticated look with a polished black cane shaft and attractive solid wood handle. It is also fitted with a non-slip rubber ferrule, making it the ideal walking stick for everyday use.  


Get In Touch With Us 

Whatever your style – classic, fun, or floral – Classic Canes are sure to have a design you will love. There are so many more beautiful walking stick designs to choose from, and you can browse our full range of Classic Canes walking sticks by clicking here. 

If you would like to find out more about Classic Canes’ Walking Aids, please do not hesitate to contact us here at Ability Superstore – our friendly customer service team will be more than happy to help you. 

You can call us on 0800 255 0498, or contact us here.