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Ability Superstore’s Partnership with Taking Care

Posted by Mike Phipps on September 22, 2021

A PPP TAKING CARE alarm is "resting" on top of a grey book which is on a black table top. The TAKING CARE logo can be seen

Did you know that Ability Superstore is working in partnership with Taking Care to offer you a choice of personal alarms?

As the UK’s first ‘Which?’ Trusted Trader Approved Service for the installation and servicing of personal alarms, Taking Care are experts in this field, and we’re confident that our partnership will help keep our customers safe and confident whether at home, or out-and-about.

What Is a Personal Alarm?

A personal alarm is a safety device that ensures you can get help and assistance quickly when you need it.

One of the Taking Care Alarms is shown on the wrist of a person. The person is pressing the alarm

In the event of an emergency, a personal alarm will connect you to a 24/7 Emergency Resolution Centre, who will then be able to contact your family, friends, neighbours, carers, or the emergency services on your behalf.

Who Could Benefit From a Personal Alarm?

A personal alarm can be hugely beneficial for many people. They’re ideal for people who live alone and want to maintain their independence, but with the reassurance that help will be on hand should they need it in an emergency.

A smiling lady is sitting down. Around her nice is one of the Taking Care alarms

Personal alarms are an excellent choice for anyone who is at risk of a fall, or has a medical condition that may require prompt treatment in an emergency.

Personal alarms can also be of benefit to people who like to stay active and get out-and-about, but want the peace of mind that their loved ones will know their whereabouts.

How Does a Taking Care Personal Alarm Work?

A diagram showing how the Taking Alarm services work

When a Taking Care personal alarm is activated, it connects you to a 24-hour Emergency Resolution Centre. There are three of these across the UK and the teams at these centres are trained to provide friendly and efficient support in an emergency.

When your call is connected, they will already have your details and a list of emergency contacts available, so even if you’re unable to speak, they will know who and where you are.

If you’re able to talk, you can tell them who you’d like them to contact, or what help you need, and they can offer advice and reassurance while you wait. If you’re unable to communicate, or the team believe your situation to be critical, they will contact your emergency contacts and they can also alert the appropriate emergency services on your behalf.

A lady from the Taking Care Response Monitoring station can be seen. She is wearing a headset and is smiling

So, no matter what situation arises, you can rest assured that you’ll receive the right help quickly!

Personal Alarms for the Home

Taking Care offer several personal alarm options for use at home.

In-Home Classic Personal Alarm

A man cutting some roses. The In-Home Classic Personal Alarm can be seen on the man's wrist

The life-saving In-Home Classic Personal Alarm provides reassurance that help is available at the press of a button. It has one big button that you simply press for assistance from Taking Care’s Emergency Resolution Team any time of the day, or night.

In-Home Classic Fall Alarm

A woman wearing a stripy jumper. She is wearing the In-Home Classic Fall Alarm around her neck

This works much like the In-Home Classic Personal Alarm, with one big button to press for assistance. This alarm can be worn around your neck, or on your wrist. However, the Classic Fall Alarm will also automatically alert the Emergency Resolution Centre automatically when it detects a fall.

Taking Care Anywhere

The Taking Care Anywhere alarm can be seen; it being worn around someone's neck. The person is pressing the button on the actual alarm

This personal alarm is a 3-in-1 option, combining a reliable in-home personal alarm, an automatic fall alarm and a GPS alarm for use outside of the home. The Taking Care Anywhere alarm works at home, in the garden and when you’re out-and-about walking, shopping, or visiting friends, offering total peace of mind wherever you are.

Personal Alarms for Out-and-About

Alongside the Taking Care Anywhere alarm, Taking Care also offer several other personal alarms for use outside the home.

Out-and-About Mobile Alarm

A man holding the Out-and-About Mobile Alarm

This personal alarm combines a fall alarm with GPS tracking to ensure that no matter where you are, you will quickly be able to get the help you need. It also acts as a basic mobile phone, enabling you to make, or receive calls to two telephone numbers of your choice. 

Out-and-About Classic GPS Alarm

The Out-and-About Classic GPS Alarm can be seen on top of a grey book

This easy-to-use pendant style alarm has one big button that you simply push to be connected to the Taking Care Emergency Resolution Team. It can be worn around your neck, or attached to a keyring. You can also pre-set the alarm with ‘safe zones’ so that should you move outside these zones, it will automatically alert your emergency contacts.

Out-and-About Personal Alarm Watch

A close up of the out-and-about personal alarm watch on a man's wrist

The Out-and-About Personal Alarm Watch is ideal for people who like to stay active. With a built-in pedometer and GPS tracking, it looks just like any other smart watch, but with an SOS button to instantly connect you to help in an emergency.

Smart Home Monitoring

Alongside their range of personal alarms, Taking Care also offer smart Home Monitoring to help you stay safe when living independently and provide your loved ones with peace of mind.

Taking Care Safe Home Alert

The Taking Care Safe Home Alert is plugged into the wall - its outer ring is lit up and a hand is pressing the button on the alarm

This combines the Classic Personal Alarm with smart home sensors to detect changes to your routine, highlight where support may be needed and alert your contacts to potential emergencies.

Motion sensors, door sensors, room temperature sensors and smart plugs are connected to powerful AI (Artificial Intelligence) that will alert the team if there are changes to your routine. This offers a way of monitoring safety and wellbeing without intruding on personal space and privacy. No cameras or microphones are installed, and no wiring is needed.

In-Home Classic Alarm + Smoke Detection

An elderly couple are sitting on a cream-colour sofa. A man stands next to them and is showing them the In-Home Classic Alarm + Smoke Detection unit

This combines the Classic Personal Alarm with 24-hour smoke monitoring that will automatically alert the Emergency Resolution Team if smoke is detected in your home. It also enables you to quickly get help in other emergencies, such as feeling unwell, or having a fall.

Get In Touch

Ability Superstore’s partnership with Taking Care allows us to offer personal alarm services and solutions that will help keep you and your loved ones safe, allowing you to get on with your usual daily activities knowing that help will be quickly at hand should you need it. 

To read more about the Taking Care alarm services we can offer, you can view the products on our website here.

Here at Ability Superstore, we’re always happy to help and answer any queries, so you can also call us on 0800 255 0498 or drop us a line at