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Bed Raisers

With the help of bed raisers, you can adjust your bed and furniture to the perfect height for your needs.

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Bed raisers are the perfect mobility aid for people who find standard beds too low, or uncomfortable to get into, or out of.

The simple and highly effective design of bed raisers makes them easy to fit and allows you to continue using your existing bed in comfort and safety.

At Ability Superstore, our collection of raisers includes a variety of designs including both adjustable raisers and screw-in versions.

You can also choose from wooden, plastic, or metal styles to suit your existing furniture and decor. There are also options to suit your bed depending on if it has castors, or legs.

If you need to find the measurement you require for bed raisers, see our guide on How To Measure For Furniture Raisers.

Adjustable Bed Raisers

Adjustable raisers can be used to raise your bed in increments, so you can find the ideal height to enable you to easily transfer into and out of bed without difficulty, or discomfort.

These clever mobility aids offer an alternative to replacing your bed and can help keep you independent.

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