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Top 10 Gadgets You Can't Live Without!

Posted by Francis Whitehead on June 8, 2023

This blog is dedicated to showing you all sorts of handy gadgets and daily living aids to help you around the kitchen and at home, including some you never knew you needed! So, come with me and let me inform you of some very handy kitchen and daily living aids.

1. Automatic Can Opener

the automatic can opener


Our first gadget is the automatic can opener. While these have been around for a while, whenever I use one it feels like I’m in the future, about to have my beans on toast served by an android in a maid’s dress.

While I may not be George Jetson, I find this to be extra handy to save faffing around with can openers, as well as preventing me from ripping the ring pull right off my tinned tomatoes.

This automatic can opener is battery-powered and features a magnetic base, so you don’t have to get your hands dirty getting rid of the lid! After all, who can stand the smell of kidney bean water residue? Yuck.

2. JarKey

the jar key


We’ve all had those moments where we’ve desperately tried to open a jar of chutney, using up all our strength as if we were He-Man harnessing the power of Grayskull, just for your relative to pop the lid off on the first try.

Well, this nifty little JarKey saves you the embarrassment of seeing the smug look on their face, as it allows you to independently crack open any jar of fruity preserve you so wish.

Simply press the key-shaped lever against the jar lid and POP! You’re free to tuck into a lovely bit of jam on toast, Gromit.

With no sharp edges, points, or removable parts, this kitchen aid is safe to use and saves you a cramped hand or two.

 3. Buckingham Coolhand


the buckingham coolhand


Sounding a bit like a film I’ve never seen, at number three it’s the Buckingham Coolhand.

This kitchen aid allows you to manoeuvre piping hot plates out of the oven or microwave with ease, so no more scorched hands retrieving that chicken madras!

Designed by an occupational therapist, this clever gadget uses leverage so that the entire hand takes the weight of the plate, making it ideal for those with arthritis and limited hand dexterity.

 4. Knork

the knork


Is it a knife? Is it a fork? No, it’s the seldom-seen lovechild of the two, the Knork!

You guessed it, this kitchen aid is a stylish fork with wide, rounded, and beveled outer tines that will safely cut food like a knife.

However, the Knork is a safer option as unlike with regular knives, there aren’t any sharp edges.

This means you don’t even need two hands to have a meal, which means you can browse the selection on Netflix, text your family members or maybe even do your daily sudoku puzzles while you’re plowing your way through your Sunday roast.

We really are living in the future!

 5. Anti-Spill Mug

the anti spill mug


Undoubtedly, one of the most devastating things to happen to a brew (other than forgetting you’ve made it and having to neck it while it’s lukewarm) is having it spilled.

Alarm bells go off, panic mode is engaged, and before you know it you are left scrambling for a tea cloth or a bit of kitchen roll. Worry no more with the Anti-Spill mug.

Every precaution has been taken in the design of this handy gadget to make sure you never cry over spilled tea again.

The base is a large suction cup that keeps it securely in place on any flat, non-porous surface, such as a coffee table, dining table, or a shelf.

You can knock it, budge it, even have the dog leap over it but it’ll stay just where you left it like a statue. To ensure maximum anti-spillage, it also comes with a removable lid.

Peter Kay can argue that Hobnobs are the marines of biscuits, but these are the marines of mugs.

6. Star Projection Cube

the star projection cube


Any parent will know the trials and tribulations of bedtime. It’s been day 247 and counting, and your little ones still won’t sleep a wink.

It’s gotten to the point where even bedtime stories about bears and rabbits doing their weekly shop leave them overstimulated.

Enter the Star Projection Cube, with its delightful array of colour-changing stars that can fill any bedroom with a calming and relaxing ambiance. It also features a whopping 10 nursery rhymes including Baa Baa Black Sheep, Mary Had a Little Lamb, and the very appropriate Hush Little Baby (I wish!).

If hearing nursery rhymes drives you around the bend, the sounds of waves crashing against the sandy beaches can fill your ears instead. A 30-minute timer automatically switches the light off, making sure no one is disturbed once they've fallen asleep.

7. Starfish Night Light

the starfish nightlight


The Starfish Night Light makes those moments of getting up in the night a doddle with its motion sensor activation. You don’t even need to turn it on to have your home lit up, which saves you putting the big light on just to nip to the bathroom in the night.

Its magnetic base ensures it can be stuck absolutely anywhere you like, and the fact it’s powered by batteries means you won’t have to worry about tripping over a loose wire in the night.

8. Foot Plug

the foot plug


Have you ever been found yourself awkwardly caught in-between a fridge or a cabinet, your hands desperately trying to find the sockets so you can turn on the air fryer you got for Christmas?

Maybe the Foot Plug can be of assistance. Simply plug any lamp, appliance or even radiator into this, and all you need are your moccasins to activate them! With a long 1.6 metre (5.2 feet) lead, the Foot Plug can be placed anywhere you need it.

9. Pencil Grips

the pencil grips


If you have terrible handwriting like me, then these Pencil Grips can be of great assistance. They make sure that no pen or pencil can easily slip out of your hand, ensuring super-fine handwriting every time.

They come in a pack of three, so you’ll never be in short supply. However, it can’t guarantee that you won’t write “Happy Birthday” in your Mother’s Day card.

 10. Lite-Touch Pen

the lite touch pen


If grips aren’t going to cut it, and you want a new handwriting experience altogether, then look no further than the Lite-Touch pen.

This can make any bit of writing silky smooth, requiring little to no pressure for the ink to show up on the paper, which makes quickly jotting down notes a breeze.

Its ink cartridges are easily refillable too, so you can keep using it for as long as you please. If you want a pen that makes writing as light as a daisy petal, the Lite-Touch Pen is for you.

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