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Buckingham Coolhand Plate Holder

Product Code: 31917v

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The Buckingham Cool-hand Plate Holder is an innovative device designed by Chris Clarke, an Occupational Therapist, that aids the carrying of warm plates. The Cool-hand grips and releases the plate as simply as using your hand but avoids the risk of burnt fingers. It is ideal for transferring plates direct from the microwave to a working surface. It uses the power of leverage so that the entire hand takes the weight of the plate making it ideal for those with arthritis and limited hand dexterity. Suitable for use with plates with a rim thickness of up to 8mm. Should not be used for transferring plates from conventional ovens where plates can reach a very high temperature.

  • Dishwasher safe to 65°C.
  • Width 95mm (3.75").
  • Length 200mm (7.875").
  • Depth 25mm (1").
  • Weight 100g.
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