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International Dog (and Cat!) Day

Posted by Francis Whitehead on August 26, 2023

Text in centre reads "International Dog (and Cat!) Day" amongst collage of Ability Superstore's pets

There’s no one as loyal, faithful, or reliable as our dogs, and the 26th of August is a day for us to celebrate them: International Dog Day! A day for all dogs – no matter what shape, size, age, or breed, and appreciate them for their unselfish kindness and companionship.

International Dog Day was first celebrated in 2004, by animal rescue advocate and dog enthusiast, Colleen Paige. It aims to help the public recognize the number of dogs without a loving home that need to be rescued each year and acknowledges the dogs in our lives that work selflessly each day to save lives, keep us safe and bring comfort to us all. An estimated 664,000 dogs enter a shelter each year, the figure of which has increased by 6% over the last 10 years.

Cool Canine Facts

A bloodhound’s sense of smell is so strong that they can follow tracks over 300 hours old and can stay on a trail for over 130 miles! They can also “smell” how you feel due to subtle changes in your scent, so never underestimate a dog’s wet nose!

With their uniquely powerful senses and their desire to help fellow humans, they can greatly assist us as guide dogs, which can help those who are visually impaired find their way around and get where they need to be.

Dogs can also assist farmers as sheepdogs, the police as sniffer dogs and hospitals and care homes as therapy dogs. Not to mention rescue dogs, service dogs and even fire dogs! It’s safe to say they’ve handily adapted their skillset for us, so there’s no better day to show our appreciation.

Having a dog can be a great addition to your life, as every fundamental part of owning a dog is taking them on a walk (or W-A-L-K as we had to discreetly say!).

A dog needing walkies can be a great incentive to get up and move yourself, with a ton of benefits at hand. Exercise such as a brisk 40–60 minute walk releases endorphins, giving you a feeling of calmness and well-being as more oxygen is pumped into your brain.

It also improves blood pressure and circulation, so you’ll feel the difference of an energy boost after a nice walk in the fresh air. Better see how far you can throw a tennis ball!

August: The Month of Celebrating Our Pets

It’s clear to see that August is the month to celebrate our pets, as earlier on the 8th of August was International Cat Day, first created by the International Fund for Animal Welfare in 2002, then passed onto International Cat Care since 2020. It is a day to raise awareness for these adorable felines and find out ways to help them, protect them and most importantly love them.

After all, cats love us, don’t they? They show us by fetching us presents such as… mice, which go as well-received as an ugly jumper, but that doesn’t stop them from leaving you a fresh one on your doorstep every other day. Another sign that your cat loves you is that they like to sleep next to you, and even though they spend 70% of their lives sleeping, I can guarantee they’ll wake up before you!

Whichever way they may express their affection, they mean well, and these are all signs that your cat sees you as family. Cats are known to be affectionate to us as believe it or not, humans and cats have identical emotional regions in their brains. Maybe that’s why they were worshipped as gods by the Ancient Egyptians, and even shaved their eyebrows off when their beloved pets bit the dust.

There’s a scientific reason why being with cats makes you feel warm and fuzzy. Seeing the affection in their expression releases a chemical called oxytocin in your brain, providing an uplifting effect, and making you feel good in much the same way as seeing a close friend or a member of the family does.

Cats can be of great benefit to you outside the home too, as a study shows that watching cat videos, or even looking at pictures of cats, can boost productivity. The science says it can improve your focus and energy levels, increasing your positive emotions while decreasing negative ones. So, by all means feel free to watch your favourite feline videos to set the bar for a good day! We’ve even provided a classic for you here:

What is Ability Superstore Doing?

Ability Superstore want to celebrate these days by showing you some of the furry friends in our lives!

Picture of Francis' tortoiseshell cat Mavis perched on a mattress

Name: Mavis

Owner: Francis

Likes: Gourmet cat food, hunting and attention!

Dislikes: Being woken up, staying inside and any mice in general proximity!

The Ability Superstore dog, Florence with a chewed up snowman toy

Name: Florence

Owner: Adam

Likes: Tail-wagging, running laps around the office, and ripping the fluff out of toys!

Dislikes: Whenever Adam leaves the office!

Name: Simba

Owner: Jamie

Likes: Peanut butter on toast, cheese, puddles, sleeping and zooming!

Dislikes: People walking past the house, postmen and diet food!

Name: Nell

Owner: Ellie

Likes: Rounding up sheep and cats, as well as muddy walks.

Dislikes: Change. Sulks if anything is different!

Not only that, but we also want to show you some of the fantastic pet care products we have in stock, so you can give your precious pooch or terrific tabby the treatment they deserve!

Night-Bright LED Jacket

Night Light LED Jacket

For those late-night walks in the cold and dark winter months, the Night-Bright LED Jacket is the perfect accessory for your poochie pal. The built-in LED light on the back of the coat ensures that both you and your dog are easily visible in low light, helping you to stay safe on your walks. You can be assured that they’re warm and snug thanks to its inner fleece lining and warm fur collar. In addition, the outer shell is water-resistant so no matter how unreliable British weather can be, your dog will be protected from the worst of it. No wet dog smell when you get home!


Crufts Dog Walking Torch with Poo Bag Dispenser

Crufts Dog Walking Torch with Poo Bag Dispenser

Another handy item to make your walks easier is the Crufts Dog Walking Torch with Poo Bag Dispenser! Not only is it a torch to help you safely find your way on walks, but it also comes with a built-in poo bag dispenser so you can be sure that you can dispose of any messes without bringing anything else with you! The dispenser holds 40 bags which all come included, so you can be sure that you can take this on plenty of W-A-L-K’s in the near future.


Crufts Travel Pet Water Bottle

Crufts Travel Pet Water Bottle

Another invaluable offering from Cruft’s is their Travel Pet Water Bottle. Worry no more about your dog going thirsty on walks or long travels, as this handy pet care accessory saves you from bringing a bowl wherever you go. This bottle has been designed to avoid leaks and spills using a water holder that folds out, providing a bowl-like drinking experience for your dog, allowing them to lap up fresh water as they would at home.

Weighted Dog Door Stop

Weighted Dog Door Stop

This Weighted Dog Door Stop is the perfect addition to any home, holding up any door with its loyal and humble face. These doorstops are weighted enough to hold the heaviest of doors, letting a light breeze fill the room in the summer or keeping doors open in busy environments. Plus, did we mention it looks adorable?

Folding Dog Ramp

Folding Dog Ramp

The Folding Dog Ramp enables your pet to easily access any car, van, caravan or any other difficult to reach places such as beds and sofas without difficulty or discomfort for either you or your pet. This handy pet ramp is ideal for senior pets who may have stiff limbs or struggle to jump up to higher surfaces such as a car boot, for example. The Folding Dog Ramp is also the ideal daily living aid for pet owners with limited mobility or strength who might struggle to lift their pet up.

Folding Pet Steps

Folding Pet Steps

These Folding Pet Steps can be used either indoors or outdoors to help get your dog around anywhere they wish. That's right, we even do mobility aids for dogs! Made from durable plastic, these lightweight and foldable steps are perfect for getting your pet onto the sofa (should they be allowed!).

Crazy Cats Folding Fashion Cane

 Crazy Cats Folding Fashion Cane

For all you cat lovers out there who could use a handy, funky feline-themed mobility aid, the Crazy Cats Folding Fashion Cane is for you! The Classic Canes range is known for their vibrant and unique designs, but if you ask me this is a personal favourite of mine. Adorable illustrations of cats and kittens adorn this walking cane all the way from the derby-shaped handle to the base, adding some feline flair to any outfit.


HandiScoop Pooper Scooper

HandiScoop Pooper Scooper

Cats are just like you or I, and sometimes they need to, ahem… relieve themselves every now and then. Luckily for you, the HandiScoop Pooper Scooper makes emptying litter trays a breeze. The easy-to-use trigger mechanism below the handle opens the claw, allowing you to clean up after your pet without bending or straining. The early-morning mess removal can be made cleaner and more convenient with this handy daily living aid. Unfortunately, this device can’t help with disguising the smell!



Crufts Grooming Comb

Crufts Grooming Comb

Make your cat feel pampered and proud of their furry coat with the official Crufts Grooming Comb! The gentle but durable stainless-steel pins help to remove tangles, loose hair and even any caught-up debris from your feline friend’s fur. The Crufts Grooming Comb is easy to handle with a soft grip that ensures your furry companion looks and feels their best when they strut down the… catwalk. 😉

Weighted Cat Door Stop

Weighted Cat Door Stop

This Weighted Cat Door Stop is the perfect addition to any home, holding up any door with a cute and adorable smile (just look at it!!). These doorstops are weighted enough to hold the heaviest of doors, letting a light breeze fill the room in the summer or keeping doors open in busy environments. Plus, did we mention it looks adorable?

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