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How To Find The Right Mattress

Posted by Guest Post on March 17, 2021

the image shows a man sleeping in bed on a comfy mattress

As people age, they go through natural changes in their sleep patterns and often find it difficult to fall asleep, or stay asleep. Many people become lighter sleepers over the years, as age-related ailments can make it challenging to stay comfortable.  

Finding the right mattress is vital to getting a good night's rest, especially as we get older, and quite often have more considerations to take into account when it comes to finding the right mattress.

How Age Affects Sleep

Sleep disorders tend to be more common amongst older people because of the changes in their biological clock. Age causes disruptions in the region of the hypothalamus thought to be responsible for circadian rhythm regulation, resulting in potential sleep problems. Furthermore, melatonin production slows with age resulting in decreased sleepiness at night.

We may also experience increased nighttime urination, sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome, and other conditions that require medication and prevent from getting a quality sleep.

Considerations When Mattress Shopping

Buying a new mattress may seem like a mundane task, but it can actually have a profound effect on your sleep quality and overall health. When browsing and comparing mattress options, we should take all of the following factors into consideration:

  • Pressure Relief – as the body ages, it becomes increasingly delicate, especially around areas such as the hips and shoulders. Discomfort and pain often lead to inadequate sleep, which is why it is so critical to choose a mattress that supports these areas of the body.

  • Proper Spine Support – sleeping without proper support can put pressure on your back and push against your back's natural curve, causing discomfort and muscle pain. It's vital to choose a mattress that aligns your spine and provides support to your muscles. 
  • Edge Support – many people own mattresses without any support around the curves, or edges and don't realize how damaging it may be for their back. The right mattress won't sag around the corners, and your back will stay aligned and pain-free, even if you roll towards the edges. 
  • Mattress Height – if your mattress is too high, getting out of bed can be a considerable challenge and can even exacerbate knee and joint pain. The right mattress should be short enough for you to get out of bed easily. You'll know you've found the right mattress height when your feet are flat against the floor while sitting in bed. You may also find that mattress elevators are an ideal bedroom aid for finding the correct height. 
  • Breathability – many mattresses are made of materials that absorb body heat and cause discomfort at night. You may also be on medications that cause hot flashes, making finding a breathable mattress a top priority. It's essential to find a modern mattress that is breathable and keeps you cool while sleeping. 
  • Adjustability – having a mattress that you can adjust according to your height is ideal. If you have the budget for it, opt for a mattress that allows you to raise the lower half if you need your legs elevated and one that allows upper-half customization if you have digestion, or breathing issues. 

Which Mattress Type is Best? 

Mattress material is the primary factor that contributes to the characteristics listed above. When shopping for a mattress, you'll come across these common mattress material types: 

  • Innerspring – many people use these mattresses because of their affordability, but they tend to wear out quickly. Innerspring mattresses are also known as coil mattresses because they contain coils that compress when exposed to pressure. While these mattresses offer increased bounciness, they may not be ideal for someone with back pain. 
  • Hybrid – this mattress type may be an ideal choice for someone who wants both bounce and support. The coils are supported by a layer of latex, or memory foam, to provide support to your back. The downside is that bounciness can be an issue for back pain, and the mattress may overheat depending on the foam type used. 
  • Late latex mattresses are a durable bedding option that combines both foam and fabric. While they provide some relief from pain, many people don't find them as comfortable as other mattresses. Though, if you prefer a firmer mattress, this may be an ideal option. 
  • Memory Foam memory foam mattresses offer extra softness, which cradles your body as you sink in. It is an ideal mattress material for many sleepers, as it provides relief from pain and offers enhanced spinal alignment. The downside to this mattress type is that it tends to get hot at night because of the chemicals used in its construction, but if you manage to sleep in cooler temperatures, this won't be an issue. 
  • Air Foam – The benefits of this top rated plush mattress are numerous, especially for seniors. These mattresses are not made with heat-trapping chemicals, like those found in memory foam mattresses. Many people find that air foam mattresses provide even more support than memory foam mattresses, especially around the hips and shoulders. 

Finding The Right Mattress With Ability Superstore 

With so many different mattresses on the market, it can be challenging to know where to begin. Once you understand your unique needs and sleep requirements, you can set aside a budget and do additional research. 

Choosing the right mattress for your body type and sleep requirements is essential to improving your sleep and here at Ability Superstore we provide a wide variety of bedroom aids, including mattresses and mattress toppers. 

Our customer service team also have a wealth of knowledge on all of our mobility aids, so, if you would like some advice on finding the right mattress, then please do not hesitate to get in touch. You can call us on 0800 255 0498, or email us at: