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Able Life – NEW range of Products for Independence at Home

Posted by Mike Phipps on July 8, 2022

A photographic montage of five of the Able Life products, the (1) Floor to Ceiling Universal Grab Rail, the (2) Swivel Tray Table, the (3) Bedside Sturdy Rail with Legs, the (4) Bedside Extend-A-Rail and the (5) Bedside Safety Handle and Integral Pouch

Over the years, Able Life has invented many innovative, reliable and stylish mobility aids, all with one aim – to give people the confidence and support needed to be comfortably independent at home. 

How Did Able Life Start?

Able Life’s and Stander's founder, Jan Miller, reached a point in her life when she had to become the primary caregiver to her beloved grandmother, Essie.

Jan quickly recognised the need for reliable mobility aids that would not only help her grandmother, but aids that would also help Jan support and care for her grandma, too.

So, Jan and her husband set about inventing many innovative mobility products that enabled Grandma Essie to keep living in her own home for many years.

What Makes Able Life’s Products so Special? 

Nowadays, Able Life and Stander continues this mobility aids legacy.

The team of Able Life’s inventors take everyday issues experienced by people around the world and create solutions that are affordable, user-friendly and look good. 

The Legacy

Able Life wants its products to help people live independently and hope that people will find the same freedom, independence and comfort that Grandma Essie experienced.

Able Life’s main aim is to – give people the confidence and support needed to be comfortably independent in their own homes.

Able Life and Ability Superstore 

Ability Superstore has a brand new range of mobility aids by Able Life to bring you the latest line of helpful daily living aids all at value for money prices.

You'll find the details on the products below. These items are now all in stock and available for quick delivery. However, once they're gone, they're gone!

If you have any questions on these items or anything else in the mobility aid world, call our friendly customer service team free on 0800 255 0498, or email us at for any support or advice you need.

You can also send us a message via this Contact Us form on our website. You will also find us on InstagramFacebook, and TikTok.

Able Life Swivel Tray Table

The multi-use Able Life Swivel Tray Table is a must-have for any home.

The Able Life Swivel Tray Table by the side of a grey sofa

Its uses are limitless, and you’ll quickly find it far superior to a standard over chair table. After using the oversized bamboo table for a short while, you’ll have wished you had found it years ago!

With the Able Life Swivel Tray Table, you simply swivel the tray 360 degrees to move it out of the way when no longer required. When required, simply swivel it back again!

Made from solid and durable materials, this mobility aid is sturdy and can be quickly assembled and installed – no tools are required.

A man is sitting on a dark blue sofa. The Swivel Tray Table is next to him with the tray swivelled away from him. There are various items on the table

Simply place the table’s feet directly under your chair’s feet – and that’s it!

The uses for this table are plentiful – you can eat, drink, work on your tablet, read, play cards, and work on crafting projects – and that’s just for starters. As an added bonus, you can also adjust the table’s height to make it the perfect level for you.

A picture of the Swivel Tray Table with various measurements showing the length, width, depth and height

This multi-use Able Life Swivel Tray Table is convenient, discreet and stylish.

Able Life Bedside Extend-A-Rail

The Able Life Bedside Extend-A-Rail is a superior bedroom support rail that will help you get in and out of bed.

A picture of the Extend-A-rail rail being used. The legs of the item are securely positioned under the mattress and a woman is holding onto the rail; she is lying on the bed

This mobility aid will fit most beds (excluding hospital style/adjustabled beds) with the added bonus that you can use it on either side, thanks to the included dual safety strap.

Assembly and installiation are quick and straightforward. The rail has everything you need, and no additional tools are required.

Picture shows an Extend-A-Rail being used in a bedroom. There is a woman in bed who is holding onto the rail - the rail has been extended

And, if you feel you could do with the rail being slightly longer – no problem. With a quick push of a button, this handy bedroom rail can be extended.

A picture of the Extend-A-rail with measurements showing the length, width and depth

The Able Life Bedside Extend-A-Rail is strong enough to support heavier weights, and the modern design will blend effortlessly with most home décor.

Able Life Bedside Mighty Rail

A woman is lying in bed. The Mighty Rail is positioned with its legs under the mattress

The Bedside Mighty Rail is a safe, secure and robust bed support rail that will not only help you get in and out of bed, but if you’re prone to moving around a lot at night, then this bedroom aid will also help to stop you from falling out of bed.

This support rail is extremely lightweight but able to support heavy weights and is ideal for taking with you when you go away.

The huge plus point of this mobility aid is the handy pockets. With these valuable additions, you can keep your small essentials close by – glasses, TV remotes, tablets, books and magazines – to name just a few.

As with all Able Life products, this bedroom aid is simple to assemble and install – everything required comes in one box – no other tools are needed. And, it will secure to most beds with the included safety strap (excluding hospital style/adjustable beds).

A woman stands next to a bed - she is smiling and is leaning on the Mighty Rail for support

The foam-covered handles are soft and comfortable, and the rail’s curves avoids sharp, rigid corners.

Able Life Bedside Sturdy Rail with Legs

The Bedside Sturdy Rail is another strong and durable bed rail that provides excellent support for getting into and out of bed, as well as being able to stop you from falling.

A picture showing a woman sitting on a bed, with her legs dandling over the side – she is leaning on the Sturdy Rail for support. There are various items in the rail's pockets

This mobility aid has the advantage of having adjustable legs, so you can ensure this rail is the right height for you.

A picture showing a woman lying on a bed. There is a remote control and a bottle of water in the rail's pocket

The support rail has been cleverly designed to use on either side of your bed with the included dual safety strap. And, with the two useful pockets, you’ll be able to keep your essentials all within handy reach.

As with all Able Life products, it only takes minutes to assemble this bedroom aid. Once put together, all that’s left to do is to slide the aid’s tubes under the mattress and hey presto – you’re finished! Everything you need comes with the rail – no other tools are required.

The Bedside Sturdy Rail is easy to grip and will help you to keep your independence. Please note that this bed rail will not work with hospital style/adjustable beds.

Able Life Floor to Ceiling Universal Grab Rail

The Able Life Floor to Ceiling Universal Grab Rail is a multi-use, long and robust support rail and ideal for anyone with balance issues.

The Universal Grab Rail is next to a bath - it's been extended so that it fits tightly between the ceiling and the floor. A woman in a towelling coat also stands next to the bath; she holds the Grab Rail for support

This mobility aid has a multitude of uses – it can help you safely get in and out of bed; you can position it by your favourite chair to help you sit down and stand up; when you’re stepping over the edge of a bathtub, it will provide support; and it’s also a great help when you’re stepping out of the shower – and its many uses don’t stop there.

The rail’s height is easily adjustable, and tension mounted, so you can make it ideal for any room in your home with a flat ceiling – and it’s so well made that it will support heavier weights.

A man is seen in a bathroom. He holds the ergonomic handle of the Universal Grab Rail for support

With an ergonomically designed grab handle, this rail is extremely comfortable and provides a firm and solid grip.

The clever part of this Able Life Floor to Ceiling Universal Grab Rail is that you don’t have to use any wall mounts, screws or nails, and it will not damage your floor or ceiling thanks to the rubber pads supplied.

Able Life Bedside Safety Handle and Integral Pouch

The Bedside Safety Handle and Pouch has been designed with an ergonomic handle for added comfort when transferring in and out of the bed. This mobility aid is a simple but effective bedroom aid that provides an easy way to get up from sitting or lying down. 

The low profile design of this mobility aid is simple but effective and will suit most home décors.

A man is lying in a bed – he rests his back against a headboard. His right arm rests on the Beside Safety Rail for Support

This aid is a firm and secure bed support handrail that can be height adjusted to make it the perfect size for you or your loved ones.

This support rail provides stability and assistance while providing an unobtrusive and discreet solution for bedtime safety.

Teh Bedside Safety Handle and Integral Pouch is on a bed with its "legs" under the mattress. There are a number of graphics that shows that this mobility aid is suitable for various bed sizes

This mobility aid is quickly put together and provides solid and safe support. The dual safety strap can be used on either side of your bed and will fit most beds (excluding hospital style/adjustable beds).

One of the benefits is the handy organiser pocket that’s ideal for organising all those little things you need to keep within arm’s reach. The Bedside Safety Handle's pouch is machine washable, too.

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