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Ability Superstore Helps Age UK, Nelson

Posted by Mike Phipps on July 26, 2022

The – Age UK – logo with the word – Lancashire – under it. A picture of the actual building is also showing

Ability Superstore loves helping out local charities, so when we visited the Age UK Centre here in Nelson, Lancashire, and saw how difficult it was for some of the members to get on and off their chairs, we knew we had to do something to help!

Chair Raisers To The Rescue!

Chair raisers will make a real difference to the people at the Centre, many of whom struggle with mobility issues.

The team at Ability Superstore are passionate about helping people to live as independently as possible, and we know that the chair raisers will make it easier for the members of the Centre to stand up and sit down, which helps them stay active and engaged in the activities taking place.

Langham Sure Grip Furniture Raisers from Gordon Ellis Healthcare

Thank You, Gordon Ellis Healthcare! 

So, we got in touch with the manufacturers of one of our favourite chair raising products, the Langham Sure Grip Furniture Raisers – Gordon Ellis Healthcare – and they graciously donated 6 sets.

6x pairs of Langham SureGrip Furniture Raisers

As soon as the chair raisers arrived at our offices, we beetled round and gave them to Nicole Morgan, the Age UK Nelson Centre Manager.

Facebook logo

A Facebook Thanks!

The next day, Age UK Nelson uploaded a post on Facebook – “Wow! Thank you to Ability Superstore for donating these chair risers, these will help massively when moving and handling. They will better support the members and help them to stand more easily and also help the staff when supporting.

Thank You, Peta UK! 

When we next popped round to the Age UK Centre, we noticed their garden needed a little help.

Standard garden tools aren’t the easiest tools to use, particularly as age often brings arthritis and stiff joints with it. So, we discussed the problem with one of our favourite suppliers of garden tools – PETA UK and their Easi-Grip range.

Some of the Easi-grip range – trowel, fork, cultivator and weeder

Easi-Grip Tools Are So Easy To Use!

The Easi-Grip tools are incredible mobility aids and especially helpful for those with a weakened grip. These gardening aids are made with clever, specially angled handles that encourages the hand to be held in a more natural position which helps to reduce fatigue, while the non-slip grip makes them easier to hold. We recently published a news article about the Easi-Grip range that you can read if you click here.

The team at PETA UK were brilliant and donated several Easi-Grip gardening tools from the range for our local branch of Age UK.

Working Together

The Age UK centre in Nelson, Lancashire

Ability Superstore will be popping round to the Age UK Centre in Nelson several more times over the coming few months, aiming to help out as and where we can. This is a great example of a local business working together with a charity to make a real difference in the community.

A screen shot of the Age UK website

Age UK – A Nationwide Charity

Age UK is a national charity in the United Kingdom that helps elderly people and their families. They offer advice, support, and services to help older people live independently and enjoy life as they get older.

One of the ways that Age UK helps older people is by providing them with opportunities to connect with their community. This includes connecting them with local groups and organisations offering activities and social events. They provide the opportunity for people to meet up and enjoy time together.

Get In Touch!

Shows the Home Page of the Ability Superstore website

Ability Superstore is now well established as one of the UK’s leading suppliers of mobility aids and daily living equipment. Based in Nelson, Lancashire, the website features over 12,000 mobility products for delivery all across the UK. Their friendly customer service team work with Kate, their Occupational Therapist, to provide advice and tips about a wide range of mobility equipment.

Retail Shop – Now Open!

A picture showing Carol (one of the team at Ability Superstore) standing in the middle of the Ability Superstore shop

Ability Superstore recently opened a retail store in Nelson, which is open Monday to Friday 10am to 4pm (excluding bank holidays).

For further details please contact 0161 8500884.