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5 Tips For An Accessible Winter Holiday

Posted by Guest Post on October 21, 2019

the image shows a beautiful winter lake in the mountains

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

Holidays don't have to be just in the summer; winter is the perfect time to get away from the gloomy British weather and enjoy a warmer climate! If you're not a cold weather lover, take a trip to Spain or Cyprus, or if you're desperately dreaming of a white Christmas why not visit Santa in Lapland? In this blog post, we're offering our five best tips for an accessible winter getaway to make travelling easier.

If flying isn't your thing, you can travel in style on Virgin trains, which allows you to book assistance if you require it. Their carriages include areas for wheelchair users to sit, with features like height-adjustable tables and nearby accessible toilets, as well as the chance to buy discounted tickets if you're a passenger with a disability. Speed down to London for a luxury weekend break away, or up to Scotland to experience a white Christmas!

For those who want to escape the frostiness of the UK all together, it's important to know all the features that each airline offers for passengers with disabilities. Airlines such as EasyJet, for example, can arrange assistance for passengers who require it, and can lift you in a carry chair up any steps if necessary. If you're a powerchair or scooter user, airlines may ask you to remove the battery before flying, so make sure you know how to do this in advance!

When booking flights online, look for a contact number that can offer you help with any requirements you have and the airline staff will be able to arrange any necessary assistance for you when you arrive. This can include any help needed when getting on and off the plane or a member of staff notifying you of your plane time if you are unable to see the departure board.

Whilst on the plane, the cabin crew can give out audio and braille formats of the safety demonstration for visually impaired passengers. If this is something you require, make sure the crew know and they can supply the assistance you need.

For passengers travelling with an assistance dog, it is essential to get your pup microchipped, vaccinated and have a blood test. Your dog must also carry a pet passport and be treated for rabies, ticks or worms, so it can safely assist you into a different country.

Airlines and trains may differ from country to country, so make sure to check when booking your journey!

Travelling with a disability can be made easier when you have the right assistance and handy products with you. Check out our guide on Last Minute Travel and Holiday Essentials for more product recommendations.