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10 Ways to Make Your Home Accessible at Christmas

Posted by Thomas Bynde on December 4, 2018

the image shows a close up of a bauble on a christmas tree
Photo by Chad Madden on Unsplash

Christmas is a busy period for most of us, and having extra guests in the house means catering for everyone’s individual needs. It’s important that you can adapt your home to suit their requirements and make Christmas enjoyable for everyone. So, with that in mind, we’ve got ten tips and some handy mobility aids that you could use to make your home accessible at Christmas.

For providing a helping hand when getting up from or sitting down on a chair, furniture raisers are an ideal and safe product to use. They’re a cheaper and more portable alternative to a rising chair, especially if you yourself do not require a permanent mobility aid, and can be stored away and brought out again whenever you need them. If you have a Christmas guest who requires a slight boost when standing up, our rising aids are an efficient and discreet addition to the home.

If you or any of your guests require stability when walking from room to room, a grab rail provides support, security and safety in the simplest way. For a permanent solution, a standard grab rail fixes easily to the wall, and if you’re wanting a temporary support for any Christmas guests, a suction grab bar is ideal for attaching to smooth surfaces and removing when you don’t need it.

For your guests who need that little extra help in the bathroom, a raised toilet seat makes the world of difference. Simple and easy to attach to a standard toilet seat, having a raised toilet seat enables you or your guests to get up from the toilet comfortably, and they can be easily removed when you don’t need them.

Make sure a wheelchair user can navigate around your home, especially if you have any Christmas decorations which may be obstructive. Think about where you place your Christmas tree and if a guest in a wheelchair would be able to get around it, or provide a seating plan at the dinner table which allows your guests to easily get out and go to the bathroom.

If you have any long-term guests staying around at Christmas, make sure they can stay fresh and clean in your bathroom. It’s important that any visitors you have can get in and out of the bath, so if you’re looking for a temporary solution a bath board is a great and effective product to consider. They fit easily over your bath to enable you or your guest to sit down safely and securely when washing.

Do you have guests staying overnight during the festive period? Make sure they are comfortable at night with the help of the right pillow or support. Choose from a range of different pillow designs to bring relief and comfort to all areas of the body, so your guests will enjoy a good night’s sleep. 

Most people cook up the full works at Christmas, which involves cutting and peeling vegetables as well as slicing the turkey for the perfect portion. If you’re having difficulty with preparing your yummy meal, why not try adapted food preparation tools? With features like ergonomic handles and non-slip grips, you can cook up a storm with ease.

Make sure all your dinner guests can eat comfortably too, with the help of our cutlery products. They include features like built-up handles and ergonomic grips to make cutting up food simple and straightforward. With discreet and contemporary designs, they effortlessly blend in to any home environment and look great on the dinner table.

If you’ve got guests round who have a service dog, make sure your home is accessible for any canine companions too. Christmas can be warm and uncomfortable with so many people in one house, so it’s important to keep any service pooches hydrated and happy with a collapsible water bowl. It can be folded up small and stored away at any time, perfect for visitors.

Christmas is a very busy time but with the right products and assistance, it can be made easier for everyone. For more information on daily living aids, you can read our handy guide here, or get in touch via our Twitter or Facebook.