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How To Sign Up To Our Email Newsletters

Posted by Emily . on

How to sign up to our email newsletters

Our email newsletters feature our best and latest products, helpful gift guides for every occasion, exclusive discounts and all you need to know about Ability Superstore. If you would be interested in receiving these emails and want to know how, our handy how-to guide explains it all step by step.

To find the link to our sign-up page, visit our Facebook page, Twitter profile or Instagram account. The link to sign up on Facebook and Twitter can be found in the pinned post, which will appear right at the top of the posts. On Instagram, the link is in the bio on our profile page.The link to click is:


You should then be directed to our landing page which looks like this:


Scroll down on your device and fill in your email address, first name and last name in the turquoise form on the left-hand side of the page. 

You don’t have to enter your date of birth, but if you do you can receive 10% off your order when it’s your special day!

When you have done this, tick the box which says “email” and press the subscribe button.

You will then receive this message saying you have been added to our list.


Now you have signed up, feel free to browse the different sections on our sign up page, such as our sale, new and exclusive products, and customer reviews. You can also view more of our blog posts and shop our website.

Our regular email newsletters aim to inform you of exciting offers and products for easy purchases, along with updates on all things Ability. You can unsubscribe from them at any time. View other helpful guides such as How to Place a Website Order.

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