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Vulkan Advanced Elastic Calf & Shin Support

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£16.00 inc VAT

The Vulkan® Advanced Elastic Calf and Shin Support provides comfort to the calf muscles and, with effective support and compression. This calf support can be used following a calf injury or to just provide support while playing sports. It offers effective compression, which helps to relief and alleviates pain and discomfort, as well as reduce symptoms of mild injuries. The elastic and durable material makes the Vulkan AE Calf and Shin Support easy to wear under clothing for daily protection and prevention of injuries. Closed heel and open toe design to provide support and compression to the calf, shin and achilles. Provides firm support of the lower leg to improve blood circulation. Comfortable and easy to wear.

To determine size measure ankle circumference:

Small: Less than 25cm; Medium: 26-28.5cm; Large: 28.5-31cm 

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