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Toilet Paper Tongs

Product Code: 55167v

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  • Helps manage intimate hygiene
  • Use with toilet paper, wash clothes and hygiene wipes
  • Easily disinfected
  • Helps grip toilet paper and extends your reach
  • Easy to clean and can be boil washed

If you have limited grip and hand mobility, then the Etac Torkel Paper Tongs will be the ideal solution for your toilet needs. The tongs work by using a simple lever system and then the tongs open with a gentle squeeze of the handle. 

When you have finished, the tissue can be easily released by again gently squeezing the handle again to drop it into the toilet. The Etac Torkel Paper Tongs can also be disinfected and are suitable for boil washing.

Length: 33cm (13 inches)

Weight: 100g (3.5oz)

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