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Three-Wheeled Rollator Basket

Product Code: 33010

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Rollators are ideal for people with mobility issues who wish to stay active and continue with daily life. The advantages of having a device to support you throughout the day are extensive, but there are some downsides. Many three wheeled rollators offer exceptional support and stability, yet mean the user does not have any free hands.

Without free hands, they would find it difficult to carry shopping or their purse or other items. For this reason, this extremely simple steel basket has been developed to provide users with some storage space while on the go. It has been vinyl coated for protection from the elements, and uses simple hooks to attach to the front of most three wheeled rollators. Handy basket for 3-wheeled rollators Creates storage space on the front of the handles Simple hook and clamp installation

Attaches to most 3-wheeled rollators, creating space without the need for an expensive upgrade Vinyl coated black for protection

Specifications: Weight 300g.

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