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Talking Caller ID Phone And Wrist Pendant Emergency Button

Product Code: 37218v

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  • Hands-free speaker
  • Last number redial
  • Hearing aid compatibility
  • +40dB Volume boost button
  • Adjustable ringer and handset volume
  • Supplied with mains adaptor and 4 x AAA batteries.

This phone has big easy to use buttons with an emergency button that can be worn by the user in case of an emergency. The buttons are tactile and the numeric buttons are backlit. The phone will announce your dialled and received numbers. The phonebook can store up to 30 different contact numbers, with a voice tag created using your own voice. The caller ID function allows all numbers to be displayed and spoken.

There are three direct memory buttons and ten indirect memory buttons which are user-defined. The emergency wrist alarm can also be used as a pendant and is water resistant. When the emergency button is activated the phone will call 3 pre-programmed numbers in sequences.

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