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Spring Coiler Shoelaces

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£7.00 inc VAT

For a person who has limited dexterity or a mobility problem, tying shoe laces can be a daunting task that has to be faced every day. Mobility problems should not have to interfere with your day to day life so this is a set of shoe laces that do not require tying in the traditional means. These elastic based laces simply require pulling, as opposed to tying. Simply lace the shoes up and release the laces at the required pressure and the lace will coil to stay in place. For those who find it painful to bend down, these shoe laces might just mean that you can wear your favourite pair without the struggle.

  • A pair of shoelaces that do not require tying
  • They use elastic coils to stay at the required tightness
  • Suitable for an easy installation on any laced shoe
  • There are a range of colours available to suit different styles of shoe

Specifications: Weight 20g Supplied in pairs Available in 3 different colours

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