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Sorbothane Medical Blue Insoles

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New improved Sorbothane medical insoles are scientifically proven to absorb harmful shock waves associated with foot strike. This advanced range has been developed to provide greater comfort, being designed with a new lightweight construction. These insoles provide pain relief for back, muscle and joint pains limiting the trauma linked to the impact of the body on the ground which often causes back problems, joint pain, tendonitis, fatigue fractures and knee pain. They help to prevent the recurrence of old injuries. The anti-bacterial top sheet contains advanced technology to wick away moisture. The slimline insole works as a replacement for your existing insole to provide optimum shock absorption. Sorbothane Medical Insoles restore themselves back to their original state after impact, time after time, lessening the impact on your feet. The insoles can be trimmed to fit.

  • Absorbs shock associated with foot strike
  • Slimline, lightweight construction
  • Pain relief for various injuries
  • Helps prevent recurrence of old injuries
  • Easy to install and user friendly

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