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Pat Saunders One Way Drinking Straws - one x 7 inches, one x 10 inches - pack of 2 straws

Product Code: 34649

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  • Straws that constantly keep liquid in them even when you move away from the glass
  • This means you do not need to suck as hard
  • Ideal for anyone with breathing difficulties
  • The straws clip to the sides of the glass to keep the straw still whilst drinking
  • The pack contains two straws - one 180mm (7 inches) and one 250mm (10 inches)

Do you or a loved one drink through a straw, but find it frustrating when you move away from the straw and the liquid sinks back down into the glass, meaning that you need to use more suck to get the liquid back?

These Pat Saunders drinking straws with one way valve may be the answer.

They contain a one-way valve so liquid stays in the straw even when the straw is moved away from your lips.

The Pat Saunders straws are ideal for those who are not able to suck strongly. They are also ensure that air is not being sucked into the stomach, which can cause pain and discomfort for many people.

Anyone who has problems with their respiratory system may benefit from the one way action of these straws too, as they may lack the suction power to be able to use a normal straw, particularly children.

The straws clip easily onto the glass which prevents the straw moving around whilst drinking and resting inbetween sips.

The straws can be washed in warm soapy water or sterilised with boiling water. Unsuitable for cleaning in the dishwasher.

Ideal for water or squash. Unsuitable for thick fluids such as milkshakes.

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