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Morris Chair Raiser

Product Code: 35962

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Available as either a fixed height or adjustable version, this chair raiser fits securely into place on castor type chairs. For people who struggle with limited mobility, getting in and out of armchairs can be difficult.

A nice sit down is meant to be relaxing, not an apprehension. In order to make it easier to shift the body weight up and out of the chair with ease, the sitting area must be higher. A higher sitting area means less height has to be covered by the person to stand up, making life much easier.

This cross type structure is an extremely effective method of raising an armchair. They attach using a standard 'push in' castor which fits firmly into place into the castor sockets, once the original castors have been removed. By using a cross type chassis, the strongest geometric shape is used, giving the user a peace of mind. In order to ensure that your armchair will be able to be raised, there are telescoping arms that fit most armchair sizes.

An adjustable frame that will raise the height of an armchair for easier access The cross shaped frame provides the user with the highest level of security Adjustable telescopic arms will accommodate most types of castored armchairs

The user simply has to slot in the raiser in place of the standard castors A discreet method of raising the height, which will fit in thanks to the dark black colouring


Fixed height raise: 75mm (3 inches)

Adjustable height raise: 75 to 150mm (3 to 6 inches).

Diagonal Size: 610 - 1090mm (24 - 43 inches).

Maximum load weight (including weight of furniture and those seated): 520kg (80 stone).

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