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Liquid Level Indicator

Product Code: 34056

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This liquid level indicator, approved by the RNIB, is ideal for most cups, glasses and mugs. This clever device indicates when the liquid is close to the top of the cup, mug or glass. It hooks onto the side of the container and emits two distinct tones to indicate the level of the liquid inside. The intermittent tone indicates the container is nearly full whereas the continuous tone indicates that it is full. This is great for individuals who have poor eyesight or other vision problems, as it allows them to carry on with daily life. By being able to continue with those day to day tasks, like staying hydrated, it can provide confidence for the individual as they retain their independence. By knowing when to stop pouring, the individual can prevent an overflow, which has the potential to form a slip hazard. It is powered by 3V cell batteries that are included. A handy device that informs users of the liquid level of a container It can be hooked onto most glasses to aid visually impaired users When the probes detect water, it makes a sound depending on the level Approved by the RNIB as an audible device for the blind The 3V cell batteries are included. Specifications: Length: 48mm (1.9") Width: 35mm (1.4") Battery Type: 3V cell Colour may vary

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