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Ornamin Keep Warm Plate

Product Code: 31231

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  • Ideal for those who take a little longer to finish their meals
  • Non-slip grip pads on each side
  • Hot water or crushed ice  can be poured into the walls to insulate or cool
  • Non-slip ring on the base

These Ornamin Keep Warm Plates are ideal for those who take a little longer to finish their meals. The keep warm dish features non-slip grip pads on each side, which help the user to hold their dish more securely. Beneath these handy grips are two large openings, which allow hot water or crushed ice to be poured in between the two layers of the dish, which can then keep food warmer or cooler for longer. An additional non-slip ring beneath the base of the dish ensures that the dish will not slip whilst it is being filled or when being eaten from.

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