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Homecraft Stackable Cone Chair Raisers

Product Code: 32746

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  • Makes it easier for users to get up from the armchair 
  • Extremely strong , can take up to 222kg in weight 
  • Made from durable industrial strength plastic 
  • Weighs just 105g easy to  move while chair is being lifted 
  • Can be stacked for more efficient storage 

This is a collection of stackable chair raisers. They are a set of four plastic studs that raise the height of an armchair. They provide the user with an extra 3.5" of height, making it easier for users to get up from the armchair. The extremely strong moulded cones have a broad base and a secure recess for the existing chair leg. This makes gives them a low centre of gravity, providing excellent security. The chance of these raisers tipping over is extremely low. On top of this, there are anti-slip pads which can secure the wheels of chairs with castors. The raisers are lightweight and can be stacked, meaning that they are easy to move around and store for when not in use, taking up minimal space. Weighing only 105g and having a height of 90mm ensures that these cones are an affordable solution to mobility based problems. Sold in sets of four. They can sustain a maximum total load of 222kg (35 stone)

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