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Harley Slimline Wedge

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£25.99 inc VAT

Sitting for hours in a chair, car or at a desk can cause low back pain and/or low back stiffness. There are several back support cushions on the market designed to reduce pain whilst sitting. If you are spending a lot of time sitting in an armchair, office chair or in a car, try using a seat wedge instead of the traditional cyclintracle lumbar supports. The wedge is best for back support because, with the backend being higher, it makes it almost impossible for you to slouch. Sitting on the slanted wedge back support cushion encourages the pelvis to tilt slightly forward, shifting the body weight onto the "sits bones". The wedge cushion therefore places you in a "neutral spine" position, which has two main benefits: 1) Your joints are most protected from the forces of gravity pushing down on your body in the neutral position. 2) Your deep abdominals, which support your back are activated in this position. Features: All Wedges are fitted with a luxury velour cover Sitting for long periods of time on an unsuitable chair will almost inevitably result in low back pain due to poor postural alignment. Our Harley Wedges will provide a pelvic tilt ensuring the hips are higher than the knees and taking the strain away from the low back. Ideal in the car where headroom is at a premium. A boon when the need is felt for just a little added support to ease muscle tension in the lumbar region. Dimensions: 36x36x5cm (14x14x2").

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