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Grab on Pen & Pencil Grip

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Writing for long periods at a time can cause the hand to ache, as a lot of pressure has been placed upon it. The problems associated with writing can be made much more apparent when a user suffers from a condition relating to their grip. Conditions like arthritis can have a big impact on dexterity, and may result in pain when the hands are frequently used. So that writing becomes far less painful for some users, we can present this pack of 24 grab on pen and pencil grips. They can help to reduce the fatigue caused by writing pressure. Made up from spongy pads, these grips provide a comfortable, nonslip grip when placed onto standard size pens and pencils. They come in assorted colours and are constructed from a soft foam. The user simply has to slot them on to their desired writing tool, and friction will hold the grips in place. A pack of 24 or 114 assorted pen and pencil grips They easily attach to a wide range of pens/pencils The spongy foam is comfortable to hold on to Friction will hold the grips into place This can aid individuals who experience pain in the hand concerning pressure

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