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Goodie Strap Elasticated Cutlery Strap

Product Code: 34676

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  • Aids people when dining
  • Will fit on to almost any hand size and can be adjusted with velcro
  • Secures a utensil, which secures an item, reducing the risk of it hitting the floor
  • Machine washable
  • Suitable for a wide range of utensils and cutlery handles (not included)

Mobility issues that arise in the hand can make daily tasks become a difficult chore or result in users losing confidence in their ability. These expandable elastic straps can be used to secure a variety of utensils to the users hand, so that if they lose grip, the item will not fall to the floor. This strap will fit almost any size hand, as well as all Good Grips and Easy-grip utensils and other large built up handles. Great to use with lightweight foam and plastezote tubing and is Machine washable. Utensil not included.

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