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Fidget Time Fun Kit

Product Code: 60988

£56.99 inc VAT

The Fidget Time Fun Kit is a collection of useful sensory therapy resource tools, specifically creating stimulation through tactile aids. Ideal for those who need to fidget, the kit contains 13 items that can stimulate the sense of touch in a variety of different ways. With the array of resources, there comes a free Fun Kit Bag, which makes tidying up so much easier. It also allows the resource kit to be brought with a person on the move. Within the kit, there is a wide array of tactile tools that feel nice to fiddle with. There are a variety of items with long appendages that are fun to interact with. A hairy tangle, a squishy tentacle ball, a bundle of stretchy spaghetti, a wrist squiglet, a koosh ball and a colourful caterpillar are all included in this kit. These will keep children occupied for a while, as the items are fun to squeeze, stretch and twist. Also in the kit there is a bendy man, as well as a wooden flexi-robot, both figures which are made for tactile play. The kit also contains an atomic bead stress ball, a happy face foam ball and a satistying knitting ball. These can help to soothe and calm an individual who may be overstimulated if stressed. Also in the bag is a small slinky and a spiral glitter tube which encourage user interaction.

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