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Etac Light Cutlery with Long Thin Handle

Product Code: 31511

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  • Lightweight
  • Features good pressure distribution
  • Requires minimal movement 
  • Softly rounded to avoid point pressure
  • Ergonomically designed ABS plastic

The Etac Light cutlery with long thin handles provide a functional grip when the muscle strength is very restricted. This Etac light cutlery has been specially developed for people who need support for their hands and forearms when they eat, and who usually use cutlery in the pencil grip. With the long handles the cutlery doesn’t need to be lifted as high as with short handles. The underside of the handle is softly rounded to avoid edge or point pressure. These stainless steel utensils have an ergonomically designed ABS plastic handle. The knife has a sharp curved blade to aid with cutting and the spoon has a deep bowl to reduce spillage. 

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