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Easi Grip Scissors

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Easi-Grip scissors are extremely lightweight with plastic handles and stainless steel blades. They have been developed to assist individuals who experience difficulty when it comes to grip and dexterity in their hands. The continuous loop handle automatically reopens the scissors when pressure is released. As they require only a gentle squeeze to operate them, they can be used between fingers and thumb or fingers and the palm of the hand. Those who may experience difficulty, such as arthritic users may cut items with relative ease. Scissors enable use to carry out a wide range of tasks, and are extremely important in modern daily life. The clever design can help old and young alike. They are ideal for early scissor use, skill development or for those with weak hands. They are supplied with a blade guard and are available with round or pointed blades. Available as either left or right handed models. This is the 4.5cm model of easy grip scissors. 4.5cm model of scissors that automatically reopen when the pressure is released Ideal for those with a weakened grip The scissors may be used by a wide range of people Lightweight but durable design ensures longevity Available in left or right handed models, and comes with a blade guard for safety

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