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Easi 2 Drink Mug

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£29.99 inc VAT

This mug and insert have been specifically designed to aid drinking without spilling. A plastic insert is placed in the mug or tumbler, which restricts wave motion and the tendency for the liquid to spill. By reducing the flow of the liquid towards the mouth, it takes more effort to spill. The inserts will withstand a 0-100°C temperature range, which is great for dishwashing. Inserts are easily removed for cleaning. This mug looks like most ordinary mugs from the outside, and the insert may not be visible once the mug is filled, allowing for discretion. The ceramic mug comes with the insert and stainless steel extractor. Additional inserts are available. The mug and insert are both dishwasher safe.

  • A handy mug that will not spill the contents as easily as standard ones
  • The insert can drastically reduce the flow of the drink
  • The mug is ceramic and discreet
  • In the pack, there is a cup, insert and extractor
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe