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Coral Fleece Mobility Chair Pad

Product Code:

£28.80 inc VAT

Coral Fleece Mobility Chair Pad Quick Facts:

  • Comfortable material
  • Extra layer from the environment
  • Non-slip surface
  • Memory foam insert
  • Helps with pressure injuries or sores

Are you or someone you know spending a lot of time in a wheelchair? Then you will want to make it as comfortable as possible avoiding any kind of pressure injuries or sores with the Luxurious Mobility Chair Pad. Pressure cushions are very important no matter how long you spend in your chair on a daily basis, aided by the backrest you can be certain of a much more comfortable experience. The cushion also provides an added layer from the cold getting to the user, this will help to regulate the user’s heat and keep them warmer. Backed with a non-slip sbr and filled with a memory foam insert for extra comfort. 

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