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Cooling Gel Comfort Memory Foam Contour Pillow with Removable Soft Air Knit Fabric Cover

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£50.99 inc VAT

For individuals who experience difficulty getting to sleep at night, this pillow may be able to provide some relief. Being able to get a good night’s sleep is important for both out physical and mental health. This is a comfortable memory foam contour pillow that has been developed for optimum user comfort. The unique design will mould to the users’ form in the night, encasing them in a memory foam surrounding, which is both luxurious and supportive. The pillow has been developed to aid those with stiff and painful joints, especially in the neck. Whilst this pillow offers unrivalled support for the user, it can aid a restful night’s sleep even further. Incorporated into the design is a cool blue gel layer. This has been shown to keep the pillow much cooler than conventional ones, aiding those who may get too hot in the night. The lightweight pillow has a width of 60cm to ensure that your sleep is luxurious. It also comes with a removable air knit fabric cover. This adds a layer of softness and can be machine washed at low temperatures, to maintain a clean environment.

  • A contoured memory foam pillow that can help users drift off much easier at night
  • Ideal for individuals who may experience stiffness or sore joints, especially in the back and neck
  • A cool blue gel layer has been included to keep the user cooler at night, aiding sleep
  • The memory foam moulds to each user’s specific shape to optimise support
  • An extremely comfortable air knit fabric cover is removable and machine washable at low temperatures