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PETA Chiropodist Toe Nail Scissors

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£4.69 exc VAT

PETA Chiropodist Toe Nail Scissors Features:

  • Specially designed for those with limited grip or dexterity 
  • Long loop handles allow the whole hand to be used 
  • Enables better control when cutting
  • An elongated shank allows user to reduce their reach
  • Angled blades to give good cutting postion 
  • Top blade is slightly serrated to prevents slipping 

These Chiropodist Toe Nail Scissors from PETA are designed for those who have a weak grip as the long loop handles allow the whole hand to be used for controlling the scissors.

The elongated shank means that users don't have to reach so far down which helps users who have difficulty bending. The angled blades give a good cutting position, with the top blade being slightly serrated to stop it slipping.

The scissors are made from a combination of plastic and stainless steel making them lightweight but very durable. T

his is ideal for individuals who may experience problems relating to hand strength, dexterity or a weakened grip.

Available with a standard plastic blue handle or white/green rubberised grip handles.

Specifications: Overall length 200mm. Blade length 30mm. Weight 55g.

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