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Care Call Chair Leaving Monitor Pack

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£257.99 exc VAT

This is part of the Care Call alarm range, designed to alert the carer of the patient's condition or whereabouts. This pressure pad system is designed to go under chair cushions. This compact, battery operated wireless chair leaving monitor is both simple to fit and discreet in operation. When pressure is sensed or releases, the pad will pick it up and send a signal to a pager or SignWave portable receiver (sold separately). This alerts the carer that the patient is moving and could be prone to falling. It has been developed concerning dementia patients who may put themselves at risk if they leave the house. Powered by a 9V alkaline battery, this chair leaving monitor is ideal for use when caring for someone who may wander or have difficulty when trying to stand. When a signal is received from the monitor it will indicate a designated key on the receiver. If a second monitor is required, another key can be designated. The pressure pad sits discreetly under the cushion of a chair. When pressure is released, the carer will be alerted. This pack can help keep tabs on vulnerable patients.

Comes complete with the Chair Leaving Monitor, Chair Leaving Pad, Vibrating Pager and Trickle Charger Powered by a 9V battery

Dimensions: Chair pad: 330 x 260mm (13 x 10"). Transmitter: 40 x 80 x 30mm (1.5 x 3 x 1"). Please see under Related Items below for the other products available within the Care Call range.

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