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Car Seat Leveller Cushion

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£25.99 inc VAT

Driving can be fun; getting to where you need to be, seeing the world, visiting old friends. What isn't fun is hurting your back due to incorrect posture while sat in the car. As cars age, car seats can be known to sag, resulting in whoever is sitting there being much lower and hunching their spine and shoulders. This car seat leveller can improve the sitting areas in cars by filling in the hollow at the base of the seat. The benefits of this product are that it helps to lift the pelvis and place the spine in a more natural 'S' position, reducing strain on the back. It also encourages the driver to sit upright, making for a healthier and more comfortable driving position and may help to reduce fatigue and stress. This wedge is made from high resilient polyurethane foam with a zipped, removable cover. Encourages a nicer posture Helps reduce strain on the back Improves car seats without the need for an expensive upgrade Good for the spine No installation required

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