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Ornamin Bowl with Sloped Base

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£13.99 exc VAT

  • Easy single handed use
  • Non-slip base to prevent sliding
  • Sloped inner base and protruding lip
  • Extremely strong break resistant material
  • Available in a variety of colours and patterns 

These stylish Ornamin Bowl with Sloped Base features a hidden sloped interior base, and a protruding lip, which makes one-handed eating simple. The internal base is not flat but rather slopes towards the edge of the dish. Together with a discreet protruding lip, the sloped base means that the food slides towards the fork or spoon as and  can easily be pushed onto the cutlery with minimal effort. The dishes are available in a choice of colours and patterns, to complement existing tableware, and all feature a non-slip base for added security. These clever dishes also feature a hidden braille marker on the underside of the rim, to allow those with limited sight to distinguish between the different types of food in their bowl.

Please note: We advise that these items are not suitable for microwave use

Manufactured by Ornamin who are experts in adapted cutlery and inclusive dining aids.

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