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Bed Loop For Profiling Bed

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£49.98 exc VAT

This hand rail loop has been designed specifically for use with profiling beds. It is a simple but effective product, as this Bed Loop provides the necessary support to assist users getting in and out of bed or to aid getting into position. It can promote independence and assist in strength building among less mobile individuals. This particular bed loop uses a clamp like system to anchor the railing to the frame of the bed. This provides a strong level of support for the user. The clamp is tightened by twisting two ergonomic easy to grip hand wheels. The diameter of the tubing is the ideal size to fit comfortably in the palm with a secure grip. An easy to grip handrail for use with a profiling bed It provides a secure handle for individuals to lift themselves up while getting out of bed It is clamped onto the bed frame so provides a sturdy railing the user can rely on To adjust this rail, there are easy to turn ergonomic dials This white handrail will fit into most bedrooms and can easily be detached Specifications: Height From Bed: 500mm (20 inches)

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