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2protect 5-in-1 Skin Cleanising Foam

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£5.99 inc VAT

  • Soap-Free
  • Lightly Fragranced
  • Barrier protection
  • Alcohol-free Moisturising
  • 250ml

This super effective 5-in-1 Skin Cleansing Foam is designed to gently loosen and lift soiling from skin when applied. Its soap-free formulation also contains high levels of added emollients and moisturisers for the cleansing and protection of the sore and sensitive skin. The foam is 100% alcohol-free for sensitive skin, with deodorising and antibacterial properties for additional skin benefits. A water-repellent barrier helps to protect against wetness after use, thus making it ideal for incontinence skin cleansing routines, where the skin can commonly become damaged by too much moisture. This foam is lightly fragranced and PH balanced, for a long lasting fresh feeling.


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