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Reachers, Grabbers & Gripping Aids

Ability Superstore’s extensive range of reachers and long-handled grabbers can help you retrieve hard-to-reach items without bending, stretching, or straining. Reachers and grabbers are the perfect mobility aid for people living with restricted mobility, or have ongoing health conditions that make bending down, or reaching, difficult, or inadvisable, such as people with back problems, balance issues, or those recovering from a recent injury, or surgery. 

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Many of our extended grabbers and reaching tools are also suitable for those who have a weakened grip, or poor dexterity and need help to reach and grip an item.

Our range of reaching aids features a variety of lengths and variations to suit different needs, as well as including additional features, such as being able to fold, locking elements and magnetic tips. Specific reachers, such as shoe helpers and window pulls, are also available.

Hip Kits

At Ability Superstore we know that reachers and grabbers can be especially helpful mobility aids when recovering from hip replacement surgery, that’s why we’ve put together our special ‘Hip Kits.’

A Hip Kit contains lots of handy reaching and grabbing mobility aids that will aid your recovery and help you avoid unnecessary pain, or strain, following your surgery. Long-handled items such as reachers, sponges and dressing aids will help make your life easier and keep you independent.

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