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Washing & Grooming

Our washing and grooming aids are ideal for staying fresh and clean, whether for use at home or for anyone staying over in hospital and care environments who have limited mobility. With gentle cleansers, sanitisers and washing aids you can make personal cleaning easier whether in the bathroom or from a bed. Our sponges and brushes feature long handles for easy reach, while the hair washing trays and shampoo caps are perfect for anyone needing assistance with maintaining their hair.

Person washing hands under running water


Nail & Skin Care

Washing Aids

Waterless Washing

Grooming and washing aids for independent personal care

When choosing personal care and grooming aids, there are a number of factors to consider, including effectiveness, comfort and discreetness. In this range, we take these factors into account to create products suitable for everyone. Our long-handled sponges and brushes are perfect for individuals who are unable to reach or stretch when washing and come in lots of different styles for multiple needs. If traditional bathing is a struggle, waterless washing foams, wipes and shampoo caps provide a way to wash without the need to rinse, making it easy and straightforward for individuals with less mobility to keep clean and hygienic.