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Hip, Waist & Groin

Protect and support your hips and waist with our range of braces and wraps for your middle. Our hip shields, support belts and hip braces provide functionality and comfort whether they are used for sport, post-injury or surgery rehabilitation or for daily wear for chronic conditions. The hip replacement recovery kit can aid with daily tasks and dressing after operations.

Hip Fleece

£22.60 inc VAT

Rebound Hernia Belt

£32.99 inc VAT

Neo G Groin support

£26.99 inc VAT

SPD Brace

£35.99 inc VAT

Neo G Waist support

£28.00 inc VAT

Hipshield - Female

£74.99 inc VAT

Harley Sacroilliac Support Belt

£34.99 inc VAT

Hip Replacement Recovery Kit

From £15.83 with VAT Relief
(£19.00 inc VAT)