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World Continence Week 2019

Posted by Annie Bremmins on June 17, 2019

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Photo by NEOSiAM 2020 from Pexels

World Continence Week is a health campaign run by the International Continence Society every year, with the aim of raising awareness incontinence-related issues, along with providing help and support for individuals living with incontinence.

A common health problem amongst both men and women, incontinence can however be managed easily with the help of the right continence aids and helpful advice. This week, we’re sharing our own professional advice and range of discreet products to help make life with incontinence easier and more comfortable.

Bed and Chair pads are subtle yet effective products designed to protect furniture for individuals living with incontinence, and are available in different colours and designs to help them blend into your home environment. They are highly absorbent and can be machine-washed to keep them fresh and hygienic. Simply place them on the seat or bed when sitting or lying down to stay dry and comfortable.

For users who are unable to get out of bed, a urinal may be helpful when going to the toilet is a struggle. Available for men, women and unisex, our range of urinals can be used to discreetly provide relief. Easy to use, empty and wash, our urinals can even be using whilst lying down, making them idea for individuals who can’t sit up due to age, disability or those recovering from an operation.

To stay fresh and clean, incontinence wipes can be used to efficiently clean, moisturise and odourise. They don’t need water to help them clean, which makes them easier to use in bed, and they are kind to the skin to help minimise discomfort, whilst also preventing any infection.

For more information on incontinence, you can read our condition guide here, and view our full range of continence aids in our shop by need section here.