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Winter Mobility Aids – Wheelchair Cushions And Waterproofs – A Guide

Posted by Mike Phipps on November 20, 2020

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Photo by Viacheslav Bida on Unsplash

Talk about blink-and-you-miss-it moments. Despite the fact a lot of us have been doing very little for the last few months, trapped in an anxiety-inducing ‘Groundhog Day’ of work-from-home orders and local lockdowns, 2020 has flown by and Winter is fast approaching. Thankfully, though, the impending wet and cold weather doesn’t have to keep you inside if you think carefully about Winter mobility aids.

What are Winter mobility aids?

We’re talking about any way of modifying your existing mobility aids to make them more usable as the frosty, misty mornings set in.

There are several different combinations of mobility aids and accessories that could fall into the ‘winter mobility aids’ category, but for the purposes of this blog, we’ll be focusing on wheelchair cushions and wet weather wear.

Both can dramatically improve the whole experience of being outdoors at this time of year with the changeable Autumn weather.

Why are wheelchair cushions and wet weather wear ideal Winter mobility aids?

You can use wheelchair cushions and waterproof clothing, to protect you, your clothing and your wheelchair or mobility scooter at almost any time of year in the UK with the great British weather!

However, these items really come into their own at the colder end of the calendar, when their potential to transform your existing mobility aid wheelchair or mobility scooter are felt most as the weather turns less-than-favourable.

Wheelchair or scooter cushions are primarily designed to make sitting in a wheelchair, power chair or mobility scooter for long periods more comfortable.

They can also offer some pain relief and are regularly recommended by healthcare professionals to reduce the risk of developing aches and sores, particularly from extended wheelchair use.

In Winter, wheelchair cushions also offer an added bonus. As temperatures drop, thin wheelchair seats tend to be even colder and more uncomfortable. Adding an extra layer of soft cushion, particularly one with a fleece top is an effective way of preventing the cold finding a way onto your posterior!

It’s also worth combining with a fleece blanket, available in a range of different designs complete with a water-resistant reversible side. Another accessory worth considering would be the Far Infrared Heated Blanket, which is plugged-in and pre-heated before use.

Waterproof clothing, specially designed for use with wheelchairs, power chairs or mobility scooters is particularly useful to keep out the rain and wind when venturing outdoors, popping to the shops or further afield.

An umbrella designed specifically for use on a wheelchair is also worth considering, particularly if you take it with you as a “just in case”. That is, just in case there’s a shower! The Wheely Brella attaches to your wheelchair and can be put up when the clouds roll in, alternatively, it makes a good sunshade in the Summer!

For extended periods of time outside then a fleece-lined wheelchair cosy or scooter cosy is just ideal. It’s like a sleeping bag for the lower half of your body and comes in a range of alternative designs.

Another mobility aid accessory worth considering to make you both warmer and more comfortable in your wheelchair is the padded wheelchair cushion. Its padded back, seat and sides will certainly keep away Winter chills.

Less cumbersome, more manoeuvrable and therefore well-suited to more active pursuits, a Wheely Mac or a Wheely Waterproof Coat are lighter and more breathable ways to stay dry when you’re out and about.

They are thinner by design and do provide both rain and wind-breaking protection. Or, for scooter users that require full coverage over their mobility aids, the Scooter Cape may be worth considering.

Rather than only protecting you and the seat, the Scooter Cape wraps over the entire scooter body, ensuring no water gets inside.

With so many brands and styles to choose from, it has never been easier to find the right mobility aid accessory for your wheelchair, power chair or mobility scooter to keep out the wind and rain.

If there’s a certain style of waterproof clothing that you can’t find on why not drop us an email at and we’ll see if we can find it for you?