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Why Choose Opera Profiling Care Beds

Posted by Hannah Ashworth on October 12, 2022

Opera are a leading British manufacturer who are dedicated to stylish design and the power of technology with everything they make. 

Opera create beds and mattresses that enhance people’s lives, promote health and deliver comfort. They are recognised as trusted manufacturers for adjustable beds and mattresses across the care, hospitality and consumer sectors.

Established in 2004, Opera's founding family started out with hundreds of years of combined experience from the furniture, care and manufacturing industries and were determined from the start to take a fresh approach and embrace much-needed style and technology.

In partnership with Opera Beds, Ability Superstore now offer profiling beds to suit your needs. Designed with comfort and usability in mind, an Opera electric bed will ease nursing care and enable a better quality of life.

The Many Benefits of Opera Beds

Traditionally, an electric bed has an adjustable backrest, footrest and knee-breaks. Opera Profiling Beds offer these and other useful features such as height adjustment to prevent falls and Trendelenburg tilting to help those with respiratory conditions. These additional functions assist carers and nurses with helping those needing support or people who have limited mobility. 

Electric adjustable profiling beds provide you with a lot more flexibility than a traditional bed and Opera beds have a super quiet motor to provide you with an undisturbed sleep.

You can raise the leg rest to improve circulation or the back rest to find a comfortable reading position that doesn’t take a toll on your posture.

If you find a position particularly comfortable, you can save it and come back to it at any time.

Dual control adjustable beds have separate profiling mattress platforms and remotes, so you can adjust your side of the bed without disturbing your partner, or arguing over who has the remote!

Opera Classic Profiling Bed

The Classic Profiling Bed is an ideal nursing bed as it can be raised to a height of 80 cm (31.5 inches). This provides an encompassing height range suitable for all heights of carers and nurses, effectively reducing the risk of back strain.

The profiling bed can also be lowered to assist in getting in and out of the bed. The extensive height range is one of many impressive features with these profiling beds.

An image of the opera classic profiling bed. There is a woman sat on the edge of the bed having used the functions to assist her.

This bed also allows you to use the Trendelenburg function, so the whole bed can be tilted forward or backwards. This is really beneficial to the health of people who may suffer from respiratory conditions, and it also improves blood flow.

The Opera Classic Profiling Bed also has an inbuilt safety feature on the easy-to-use remote, as you can activate a locking feature that disables all functions or just the Trendelenburg functions for optimal safety.

The image is of an elderly woman sitting in the opera classic bed. She is holding the remote control.

It is possible to save money by choosing an unenclosed head/foot board on the Classic or have it upholstered and enclosed. In addition, this bed is available in three wood colours.

This profiling bed accommodates mattresses of different materials and sizes. Even mattresses up to 20 cm (8 inches) deep remain fully compliant with bed rail regulations. This eliminates the need for extension height side rails and further risk assessments should the user require a deep alternating air mattress.

The Opera Classic profiling bed in the middle of a room. The remote control has been used to activate the mattress platform back rest.

Opera Signature Comfort Dual Profiling Bed

The Signature Comfort Dual is a fully height adjustable bed with two profiling mattress platforms. This is to enable couples to continue sharing a bed even when the medical needs of one partner changes.

This is an image of the Opera Signature Comfort Dual Profiling Bed. There are an elderly couple in the bed, and they are smiling at each other. They have reading materials.

The advanced medical functionality has been thoughtfully designed for home environments. The plush headboard and surround come in a variety of materials and colours so that you can personalise your mobility aid to fit into your home.

This electric profiling bed can be raised or lowered depending on your needs. It can be lowered to facilitate getting in and out of bed easier, or it can be raised to allow for nursing care on the bed without putting any strain on a person's back.

The Opera Signature Comfort Dual Profiling Bed. One side of the mattress platform backrest has been raised higher than the other to show profiling bed independence. The handheld control hangs near the top of the profiling bed.

As the bed has two independent mattress platforms, it makes sense to include two easy-to-use handsets. Each mattress platform is controlled by a premium, ergonomic handset with rounded edges and soft-touch buttons.

These handsets also feature a handy locking function if you have concerns about the safety of the person using the remote. You can simply use the lock setting to deactivate certain functions or just the Trendelenburg function to allow for optimum safety.

This is an image of the Opera Comfort Dual Profiling Bed with an elderly couple in it. One of them is sleeping whilst the other had used the adjustable backrest to sit up and read a book.

Another feature of the Opera Signature Comfort Dual bed is a low footboard. This has been thoughtfully designed to allow for unobstructed views and prevent any possible feeling of entrapment.

Opera Signature Comfort Profiling Bed

If you’re looking for an electric profiling bed with a more homely feel, look no further. The Opera Signature Comfort Profiling Bed is available in a choice of widths, headboard designs and even different covering fabrics and materials. You'd be hard pressed to find a profiling bed as customisable as this one.

The Opera Signature Comfort Profiling Bed has had the mattress platform backrest raised. There is an elderly woman in the bed activating the handheld control.

Opera beds can be used with a variety of different mattress depth and materials so you can use whichever is most suitable for you or the person you are caring for. The mattress platform on the bed is fully profiling, allowing for comfort no matter if you'd like to sit up in bed and read a book or settle in for a good night's sleep.

The bed also allows for height adjustment, which makes it easier for you to get in and out of bed as well as being able to be raised to a carer's waist level with the wired handset.

This is an image of the Opera Signature Comfort Profiling Bed in a fully raised position to allow for healthcare applications.

The Signature Comfort Profiling Bed is controlled via a premium, ergonomically designed handset. The handset has rounded edges and soft-touch buttons to allow for ease of use. You also have the option to use the lock feature which allows you to deactivate some or all of the functions to allow for optimal safety of the person on the bed.

 This is the Opera Signature Comfort set up. There's a range of pillows and blankets, as well as a grey bed spread.

Opera beds are built by highly skilled craftsmen and upholsterers to ensure your bed is finished to the highest standard. The bed is created with a balance of functionality, aesthetic design and comfort in mind.

Opera Solo Comfort Plus Profiling Bed

This profiling bed by Opera has blurred the lines between a care bed and a comfort bed.

As well as being a functioning profiling bed, the premium design options really give this bed an edge and include a choice of three headboard designs, two different wood colours and six different options for headboard and footboard coverings.

An image of the Opera Solo Comfort Plus. This bed has side rails for safety. There is a woman sat on the edge using the mattress profiling platform remote control.

A useful feature of this profiling bed is the advantage auto-regression profiling function. This thoughtful design has been incorporated to prevent stomach compression and enhance relaxation and comfort for the person on the bed. 

The Solo Comfort Plus incorporates split side rails which are designed to help prevent bed falls whilst maintaining access to the bed. The side rails can be raised and lowered independently to meet the person's needs.

The Opera Solo Comfort Plus Profiling Bed is also able to accommodate taller users. With its built-in length extension, you are provided with an additional 20 cm (7.9 inches), allowing for additional space and comfort no matter your height.

This bed has an Anti-Trendelenburg feature which allows the bed to be tilted forwards, which helps with respiration and circulation whilst also assisting with postural support.

This is a photo of the Opera Solo Comfort Plus Profiling bed with the mattress platform raised. It has the back rest raised up.

Using a combination of the Anti-Trendelenburg and Auto-Regression features, the Opera Solo Comfort Plus bed can be adjusted into a supportive, in-bed seated position for reading, watching TV and socialising, making it a truly people-friendly mobility aid. These features can also be used by carers and nurses to allow for easier care.

Another feature of this bed is the low footboard to accommodate varying care needs, balancing attractive design with medical functionality. This bed also has an easy-to-use handset with rounded edges, soft touch buttons and a safety lock feature.

Opera Signature Low Footboard Profiling Bed

The Opera Signature Low Footboard Profiling Bed has been specifically designed for residential environments. It has a low, minimalist foot board to allow for unrestricted access for care providers. The low foot board also means the person in the bed is able to have an unrestricted view of the room.

This is the Opera Signature Low Footboard. It is a profiling bed with a low footboard to allow easy medical access.

This bed comes in two different wood colours and three different widths. The mattress platform has an extensive height range and can be raised to facilitate nursing on the bed or lowered to ease getting in and out of bed.

An image of the Opera Low Footboard Profiling Bed with the control panel hooked over the headboard. There are a few cushions on the bed.

The Signature Low Footboard Bed is controlled with an ergonomically designed handset. The handset has rounded edges and soft-touch buttons, making it person-friendly to use. The handset also has a locking feature. This allows the operator to deactivate all or certain functions to ensure the safety of the person using the bed.

This is a picture of the Opera Low Footboard Bed when it is raised up to allow for a carer to tend to the person. It has a dark walnut footboard and silver structures underneath.

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